Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The New Trend For Dresses.

The thing about dresses is that their trend hardly changes but when the trend actually changes, it changes with a bang. Everyone goes gaga over it. If one person has it, the other one has to have it. Believe it or not, that's how new trends proceed in India within girls. What I discovered after hunting 5-6 malls for perfect dresses is that there is no way you can continue wearing the dress you bought 2-3 years back.
As a matter of fact, I had this dress which was made of satin material and I couldn't wear it since satin is considered old fashion now. (not that I was a huge fan of that dress)
Stores like Forever 21 and Zara took my breath away because they are creating dresses which were only fantasized by every girl. Now it's like a dream come true. No kidding.

I have personally never liked leather. It never gave me the satisfaction. But at Zara all you can find is leather dresses. Even with basic jeggings, leather is the new thing. But as per my observations, Zara did an amazing job with leather. The dresses are appealing and you may want to try on a few dresses.

Net cloth has been used in dresses for a pretty long time but the thing which stores and designers did was using the net in the neck and sleeves area and in no time, net sleeves or net used in the neck area became too common. But now what is being done is that at the waist area, different designs are cut and net is put in that revealing a little skin. Trust me, India has gone all head over heels for it.

I never really thought that people would get so innovative that they would include different shapes in dresses (maths was the area for shapes :P)
Like I mentioned, different shape cuts are being made at the waist area and even in the back area revealing your skin in a decent way.
People do say India has a narrow thinking but the image is soon changing.

From the back till the end of your dress, zips are included in the back of the dresses. Mostly golden color is used in zips. On the top of black, golden color of zip shines and gives a unique look. The concept is somewhat like that of high waist jeans.

Print work has been in trend since some time but print work like owl print is starting to be worn. I believe people are liking the metallic work more. It does give an emo effect and some would stay away from that mode but change is good and I personally wouldn't mind buying a dress with metallic work. The color silver is totally in for metallic. With that a few spiky accessories would look just perfect.



  1. My friends are always looking for their next great club dresses and these are the trends they are always looking at. They can be so stylish

  2. Love your breakdown! I'm always drawn to very classic and streamlined cuts myself.