Monday, 30 December 2013

Lip Gloss or Lip Balm?

Since it's time for New Year, every fashion blogger is too hyped to post about their outfits and makeup tutorials for New Year eve. They are not wrong to do so. After all, it's their fashion blog and they are showing exactly what a fashion blog is supposed to show. But here I'm the one writing a blog post on lip glosses and lip balms. Funny right?

The thing about any lipgloss is that they give your lips a bizarre look. If you're up for a blingy party, a lipgloss is all that you need.
1. A lipgloss will make your lips look big and will give a perfect shape to your lips.
2. As I mentioned earlier, bling and lipgloss go hand in hand.
3. No more using tacky shades of lipsticks.
4. The shine wont leave for hours keeping the gloss intact.
5. Your face will be more noticeable.
1. Gloss may get itchy.
2. It won't work like a lip balm.
3. If you're done with parties, you may get problems removing the gloss later on.

Who needs any other lipbalm when you have Baby Lips? The first lipbalm which works like a mild shade of lipgloss.
1. Stays intact for hours.
2. Heals the lips which get dry (specially in winters)
3. Less amount of chemicals are used (herbal ones)
4. Smells good.
5. SPF protection is there which is really beneficial for the sensitive lips.
6. Affordable at cheap prices.
1. No shine and appealing look.
2. Can be dangerous for health if cheap ingredients are used.


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