Wednesday, 11 December 2013

How are Social Media Websites Helping My Blog?

I frankly believe that your blog is chained with social media websites. You know when I started blogging, different websites excited me and I felt that now even I am an important part of that specific website.


Websites like FacebookTwitterBloglovin etc. help bloggers get popularity for their blogs. When a few people start following or liking your page, they also spread a word about the page. In such a way, your blog gets more likes and followers. People also start to know about it and become an active reader.

PR Sources
If you're lucky enough, the social media websites will get you till PR agents who will further contact you to write for them. You see, this blogging world is no small and there are so many opportunities.
PR sources are really good in that matter.

As I had mentioned earlier in my Google Ranking for Bloggers post, the pages and your handles will get you in studios and blogger meets in no time.

Bloggers will always need connections. If there are no connections then your blog is leading to nowhere. Thus, social media websites are really beneficial for connections.

Going Worldwide:
Facebook and Twitter are available everywhere in this world. So obviously the users of these websites is uncountable. Through these websites, the blog's link and name spreads like fire. Helping blogs going worldwide.

For me Social Media websites are really helpful. They've taken my blog from nowhere to somewhere.


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