Friday, 29 November 2013

The Day We Finally Got To Wear Skirts

In India we have certain limitations on our school uniforms. It's rather sad that we can hardly do anything to our uniforms. Okay, so equality and no discrimination is a must (as the elders frame it) but at least the school community can add few colors to our uniforms.
Anyways leaving the complains aside, this blog post is about the uniforms we got for our sports day. Trust me dear readers, when the teachers handed us the skirts and shirts all we could say is "why couldn't this be our school uniform?"
Sports day '13 was marchpast and races. You get to walk like soldiers on a track which is of 400 metre and then you get to run your ass off to win a medal. Don't get me wrong, I loved the sports day. As a matter of fact I even won a gold medal. But the after effects are severe. One of them is tanning. I feel like coal. No kidding. Tanning really puts me off.
The skirts are pretty. Every color looks different and better than other in a way. And choosing the color white for shirts was just perfect. White goes with everything and it certainly went with the skirts.
The material was a bit rough but then you get to wear such pretty uniforms for 4 hours and what else would then matter?

And you can easily see my tanning. That sad moment when you can't even enjoy your victory properly.