Sunday, 24 November 2013

Google Ranking For Bloggers.

When I had got the invite for W For Women: Bloggers Meet, I was rather shocked that out of so many bloggers in Delhi, I was one of the few ones to be chosen for the meet. But when Aditi  made me familiar with the whole procedure of selecting the bloggers, I still felt unknown to the whole thing. After doing little research I discovered that Google does this magic of ranking bloggers. There are around 321,000,000 indexed blogs itself on Google and this is just a rough counting. But still only a few blogs are able to stand out and are noticeable while many just die off.

Every blogger would love readers for his/her blog. Who doesn't want their thoughts to be known?
Google ranking is the key factor to your ranking. Depending on your rank, PR agents contact you and through them you can get more exposure.
Google ranking is like a competition between all the bloggers.
In short it is the most hep way of getting known through Google ranking.

See the procedure is quite easy. All you have to do is give love to your blog. (No kidding, the more you make efforts on it, the higher you get on Google ranking)
Be active in the writing section. You need to post more often. Google doesn't even consider those blogs which have below 50 blog posts. Also, the content should be consistent and the quality should be good. You don't want to end up listening "This blog has crap written on it"
Google ranking also improves by your standard of writing.
Google wants original matter dear readers. Your blog is defining you so don't even think of copying other blogs just for the sake of getting known.
Don't Focus On Ads:
If people are approaching you to put up their company's ad, it is a great thing but ads don't affect your ranking. Ads are not even counted for the ranking scheme. Even the most popular blogs have little ads.
Other Social Websites:
For bloggers, blogging is a very tough job because you're not just handling your own blog but also other social websites just as a Facebook page, Twitter handle, Instagram and a lot more and you can't just leave these websites and expect them to work on their own. Google also keeps a check on your extra pages.

It's not necessary that your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) should be at a higher rank since many blogs hardly care about SEO. In fact I discovered SEO just 3 months back.

Table of Content for SEO

SEO Basics:
Create unique, accurate page titles
Make use of the "description" meta tag
Improving Site Structure
Improve the structure of your URLs
Make your site easier to navigate
Optimize your use of images
Use heading tags appropriately
Dealing with Crawlers
Make effective use of robots.txt
Be aware of rel="nofollow" for links
SEO for Mobile Phones
Notify Google of mobile sites
Guide mobile users accurately
Promotions and Analysis
Promote your website in the right ways
Make use of free webmaster tools

These are some other points which would help bloggers reach to a higher rank.



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