Sunday, 3 November 2013

Diwali '13

Firstly, I would love to tell my dear readers and other bloggers that my blog completed 20,000 pageviews today and I know that isn't SO good but it's reaching somewhere at least!
In India it is the festival time. For some this is the most awaited festival. Festival of Diwali. According to history, Diwali came into existence and brought love, happiness, colors and a lot of other things to look forward.
I don't really look forward to Diwali. Infact, I prefer Holi (water festival) over Diwali. But Diwali '13 was something amazing. This year I was shocked to see how many people were excited for Diwali and the number of girls all decked up in Indian wear. Don't get me wrong. We girls love to dress up for special occasions but seeing the number increase, was really a surprising thing.
Crackers are also burnt on this day and even though I don't like crackers, I have to burn them (peer pressure xD)
Here's a sneak peak of the day:

We were just having fun xD

That's all for today. 
Will write soon. Till then...


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