Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Because I'm More of A Black Color Person.

This moment comes in every girl's life when she gets addicted to one specific color. As we all know, girls love the color black. Like the old saying "Black makes all girls look thinner"
So as I said, all girls love black and I'm no less. Black is the color which can never go wrong. No matter whichever occasion you're landing on, black is gonna make you look good and presentable. If you're a fashion lover you must have at least on LBD in your closet. Who said rest of the colors are not good? But black is the color.
For me black is the definition of fashion. Just think how the fashion world would have been without the color black. No more good picture days for fair girls. No more black theme picture clicking times. No more basic dresses with no accessories needed on top.
And again, this post isn't criticising rest of the colors but just appreciating the color black.
Because it's my favorite and I'm sure it's 99.9% of girl's favorite color.

Dress: Forever New.


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