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Wella Bloggers Meet: Ammonia Free Is Not Damage Free

I, along with many other Delhi's fashion bloggers got invited for the Wella Bloggers Meet, held on 28th September. Being the youngest there, it was pretty surprising to see so many other bloggers who were older than me and in some way or the other more knowledgeable. Each one of them had a different story to tell as to how they started their blog.
The theme for the meet was "Ammonia free is not damage free"
As you all know I don't post blog posts about hair knowledge or tutorials, but this meet helped me gain immense knowledge about hair color which was both shocking and amusing.
Our meet started with all bloggers interacting with each other. Then we were all seated in a room where the host introduced each one of us personally and asked all the bloggers to give a brief description about themselves and their blogs. Then the sensational Maria Castan, a senior scientist at Procter and Gamble from Darmstadt, Germany came to reveal the secret behind hair color. Being a scientist since a long time, Maria could help us understand that hair color will not damage our hair as believed by 90% of Indians. Many women who do get their hair colored, prefer ammonia free color as they feel ammonia will damage their hair. In fact some of the people residing in India even say that hair color is a disaster to your hair because they can damage the natural hair beauty. But as soon as Maria gave us knowledge about the hair color, we all bloggers wanted to get our hair colored. She told us in detail about the chemicals used to form the hair color. It was all really helpful and new.

The usual colorant compounds used are dyes, alkalizers and oxidants.
Most of the people in India prefer using dyes. But only a few know that people whose hair gets ruined CAN be allergic to the dye and not the hair color.
In fact, my advice to those using dye would be that you all should stop using it immediately as it is ruining your hair.

Ammonia v/s MEA:
For years there has been a fight on Ammonia v/s MEA.
People don't like ammonia as it has a lot of smell and they think that ammonia is simply acting as a bad agent on them. But it is unknown to many that Ammonia is perfectly fine for your hair. When it comes in contact with air, the moisture gets evaporated making the color permanent and giving out a bad smell.
Ammonia is good for lightening of hair, gives a bad odor and can be easily washed out whereas, MEA is not required for lightening of hair, gives no smell and is quite harder to wash.

How MEA works:
Our hair's pH value is 5.5 which extends to 10-11 after adding MEA to our hair.
It swells our hair and the color enters.
MEA dissolves inside the cuticles.


But with Koleston there are three steps involved:
1. COLOR NAVIGATION: This is the preparation phase.
2. COLOR INTENSE: Color formation phase.
3. SHINE GUARD: Final and seal phase.

We also learned on certain facts like:
  • Scientists work 70 hours on the creation of a new shade of hair color.
  • Red color is the most sensitive color and it looses it's color when exposed to sun.
  • Color protection shampoos should be used after getting your hair colored.
  • A new product cannot be launched without testing in any country. 
  • Hair is protected by natural lipids which are very sensitive.
After the end of event we got goodies as well! The experience was lovely and I learned a lot more about hair color.

Fellow bloggers

While the meet was going on

For further information: http://www.wella.com/


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