Friday, 4 October 2013

2nd Birthday.

It's that day of the year when I actually realize the importance of this hub of mine where I write whatever I feel about clothes, fashion, shoes and every other word which reflects even 1% of fashion in it.
Yes, Trendy Mannequin turns 2 today. It's been two years since I'm writing and believe me I have learned way too much with this amazing little thing. I was able to reach world wide and interact with quite a few bloggers residing in Paris, London, Tokyo and even New Jersey!
As I mention in From A Hand Me Down Diary to Trendy Mannequin about how this journey began, I won't bore you with the history.
Last year on this day, I had cut a little cupcake. Rest of the day went by in a usual manner. But the thought of doing something special for TM was down there inside my head eating me up. Then one whole year went by and I did nothing. Now when it's TM's second birthday, I realize how much this blog has given me like the Anjali&Arjun Kapoor: Jamawar Aria or the Wella Bloggers Meet and much more. All of those experiences were breath taking. So this blog post is dedicated to my blog itself for being so perfect in it's own way.

So as I wanted to do something for TM, I baked a cake. For some of you, that might sound just funny or weird that what's so special about baking a cake? But a girl like me who is so clumsy in kitchen, it is a big thing.

P.S- Stay tuned for new updates.


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  1. delicious oreo :D