Friday, 25 October 2013

Gay People Are The Most Stylish Ones.

Yes, don't be shocked or don't think this is a sarcastic post because I'm certainly not mocking gay people here. According to me the gay people have a better fashion sense than women or men. I'm not saying they are any different but in a way they've got their own way to dress up. I'm sure you may have seen at least one gay person in your life. If you haven't then I feel sorry for you.
For me, they add magic to whatever they choose to wear which makes them outshine others. The gay community has made a complete profound impact in fashion. Even the best designers come under the gay people's place.

I'm a die hard fan of colors. Get me a neon tshirt with colorful scarves and I can make a new outfit out of it. Similarly the gay people have a power to make colors look really good on a guy's body. No kidding, they love colors. Whether it is orange, red or even pink! Ever seen a guy wear pink? He will practically die of embarrassment but with gay people, they have confidence on their clothes that whatever they are wearing looks perfectly fine.
Gay people also like prints. Floral is their sheer favorite. Hand them a shirt full of floral print and they can show you what dazzling means even with a floral shirt.

Have you ever seen gay people actually shop for brands? You won't be able to get your eyes off them. Mark my words dear readers, gay people adore brands. If you're in the middle of a conversation in which you're confused as to which is the signature bag of Louis Vuitton and if there is a gay person along, he'll be the first one to solve your query. From shoes to carry on scarves, every little dress on shouts "brand"
One observation I made about gay people was that they have the finest choice with regard to fashion. As I mentioned earlier, the fashion industry is what it is due to the gay people. Don't get me wrong, I love what women/men designers design but then again this is a post for the gay people.
#Selective ones prefer carrying hand bags along. They are not girlish but they show that gay people also have a right to carry the hand bags without any problem
#Some also wear boots and since wearing boots in summers in India is not considered "in" they stand out from the crowd.
#Those who wear specs buy a different Harry Potter frame like specs which make people like me say "wow" without even realizing.

*Because gay people are amazing*


  1. A post with a unique perspective, it was a good read, it would been more nice, if you had some pictures of gay stylish people to go along with your interesting post.

    Random Waves Of My Fashion Kaleidoscope

    1. Thanks for the compliment and I'll keep in mind about the photos next time :)


  2. Hmmmm.....interesting article...but dont you think that generalizations are a bit cliched?

  3. OMG! I totally love this post! I definitely agree! They have such great sense of style!!!

  4. I always like a men in Sherwani and indo western. Thanks for sharing with us great information about this lovely topic. I really get benefit from this.

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