Monday, 7 October 2013

Bridal Asia 2013

Delhi had one of the most happening events in the past 3 days. Bridal Asia 2013, presented the most exquisite, royal and mesmerizing bridal couture ever. The event was held at the Ashok hotel, New Delhi on 5th, 6th and 7th October. The 3 day event brought forward 40 participants from India and Pakistan which were personally chosen by Divya Gurwara, the CEO of Bridal Asia. As Bridal Asia completed it's 15 years, the event was pretty grand.
The event included famous Indian designers like Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Varun Bahl, Vikram Phadnis along with young new designers like Divya Khuller, Seema Khan, Ekaya and many more.
As a 15 year old, I'm usually not interested in Indian wear that much but this event had my eyes popping out. What I observed from most of the designer's collection was that red is fading away from the bridal couture and colors like neon pink, orange and golden is taking over. These colors sync easily in weddings these days. Loads of embroidery was done on the gowns, saris and suits along with net work. The patterns used on most of the gowns, lehengas and suits were from flower designs to patterns which gave a royal look. On some of the bridal wears such as saris, velvet cloth was used which made the embroidery look more versatile. The jewelry mostly comprised of lavish work of diamonds, white gold and gold along with big stones like sapphire, rubies, emerald, pearls and a lot more.
It was surprising and amusing to see different designer's creations being shared under one roof. The show gave a new vision of the upcoming bridal fashion.
The clothes dazzled me.
Designers like Sabyasachi Mukherjee and Varun Bahl showed an outstanding work on the saris which made more and more people get the urge to buy their bridal wears.
The event even displayed the efforts of other stores such as Home Alone Foods, Apollo Cosmetic Clinic, 19 sides by Neera Chopra and a lot more.
For further information you can check out: Bridal Asia

Divya Gurwara, CEO of Bridal Asia

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