Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Why Handling A Fashion Blog Is Fun?

It's been awhile since I'm thinking why handling a fashion blog is fun. I thought about everything. The layout, the theme of the blog, the writing or what IS it? Then I realized every little thing adjoining the blog happens to be fun. From correcting errands to choosing the perfect names for the blog post. From choosing pictures to adding badges of other websites. The blog has it all.
According to me things which you look up to everyday and never get  bored with is the definition of fun.

We all know there are loads of fashion bloggers in this entire world. If we count the number, it would take ages to just get an idea of the number. But the good thing about reading the whole world's fashion blogs is that you get to know more about some other country's sense of style and fashion. This is actual fun.

Outfit Posts
I have digested the fact that my outfit posts are not so up to date but I still post about OOTD to preview a little of what I own in clothes. Outfit posts gives my blog a touch of me and that makes it fun for me.

For bloggers like me, getting more knowledge about the tinniest thing related to my blog or fashion is considered really important.
Knowledge about different topics help you make your posts better and appealing.

Self Confidence
Over the past one year and a few months, I've built up quite a bit of self confidence. (thanks to Trendy Mannequin) You've got to need self confidence in any field of work. Self confidence also leads to your readers feeling that your work is perfect.

All of us who manage a blog are passionate to write. We all like to believe that our own blog is better than other's blogs. Who says there's no place for all fashion bloggers? It's our passion which brings our words down the blog. To top it, other bloggers can read and refer through different blogs.

Okay this might seem funny or weird but my heartbeat increases as the pageviews also increase. That's simply because more pageviews mean more people checked on your blog. Blog popularity is necessary. After all, you're writing to share your views with people out there.

It was just today when 8-9 school friends came up to me and asked me if the bag I was carrying was the one which was on the Customized Bag post.
They said it in front of my other friends who went home and checked up the bag.
That's publicity. Always beneficial.

What is fun for you?


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  2. I think the dirty little secret is that, blogging may seem like a blast in the start but once you get into the depths of it, it can get to quite a pain since it is so much more than just sequins and glamour. However, it's the combined experience and calling a blog your own that makes it special to me, at least.

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