Sunday, 25 August 2013

Reasons For Hating Summers.

India is a country which can be really irritating when seen in summers. Who says there are only the perks of summers? It's more than sun bathing on the beach or chilling around with your friends (at least here it is)

Oily Hair
If you people were the one in my shoes, you would have known what a big disappointment my hair gives me in summers. No one appreciates oily hair or a bad hair day but in my case, every alternate day can turn out to be a bad hair day in summers.
Even if you're up to date with your dress, shoes, accessories or do overs, your hair can really spoil the event for you.

Sweaty Clothes
When bad things happen to good clothes, it feels like someone just stabbed me in the stomach. No kidding!
No one wants sweaty clothes. Sometimes the heat can get so intolerable that even the clothes are not able to take it.
Been there done that!

Whoever said that sunscreens can take up tanning either didn't use a sunscreen before or was dumb enough to cook up stories. No sunscreen can prevent tanning. If you're doing swimming or going for shopping (India is mostly about street shopping), you can end up returning home in a different skin tone (darker one)

Longer Days
I'm  not really a lover of summers and that can obviously be seen. The days are so long that you need a change of clothes at least twice a day and carrying clothes around won't be such a good plan. Till the night time you'll probably be covered with sweat.

Sticky Rains
IF it rains suddenly then the rain in India turns out to be really sticky. I mean you will eat the other person's head as to why your hair are getting frizzy or why your skin is ending up totally dirty. Not really a thing to look forward to you see.

You see I'm not really a summer person. Winters are my thing but summers are not that bad.
It depends on person to person.


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