Thursday, 15 August 2013

Greek Mythology

These days our English teacher is making us do various types of plays. So my group decided to do a play on Greek Mythology. The only difficult part about the whole play is the dialogues. That's because we are obviously not used to speaking like that. Excluding that, everthing else is quite exciting. The costumes, the hair to do, the sandals, the accessories etc.

You will be needing gowns. Long long gowns. Mostly in the color white. White depicts the color of peace and if you're acting as a Goddess, (yes I have to) then a white gown will do all the work.
You will also be needing a headgear or a tiara to outshine others. No kidding. All this actually helps.
Your costume would need drapes. Lots of drapes.

Preferably go with the color golden for shoes as golden sandals is the key element of the character. Go with the gladiator style shoes in order to look just like a Greek god.
You can also go with silver or black if you're improvising on your own.

Again, golden is the color. You can go with bracelets having a touch of golden or big bangles. For neck, you can wear lockets. (I saw this leaf locket which was golden in color)
No slings or bags to carry along. You will be perfect with a few accessories.

 Because we are using everything in white and golden, you can go with golden to sync in the character or you can try the contrast. Try using silver base or black base. No colors like purple, pink, blue etc. should be used. That will give a horrified look

Hair To Do:
Try learning how to tie your hair in a Russian braid or try making the waterfall braid.
The waterfall gives an ancient look and the magic about this specific braid is that it gives a different look and everyone will be eager to know that how the braid is made.



  1. I love this, it's very interesting. I remember when I had to do this for school as well.


  2. Love it!

  3. This is great! It must be so fun picking out all your costumes!