Thursday, 1 August 2013

Customize Your Denims Jeans Into Denim Shorts

Everyone has to have denims otherwise they are aliens. No kidding!
Denim is the basic survival for a normal wardrobe.
This post is for those owning a lot of denims which happen to be old and short. Too small in size.
It's time to get crafty :D

Things You Need: 
Denim jeans
Washable glitter glue
Iron patches

1. Cut the jeans into the desired length for the shorts. Sew the ends of the shorts so that it doesn't look messy but if you want messy, then let the threads fall.
2. If your good with needles embroider patterns on your jeans. If not then go for iron patches and get someone to help you sew around thee edges.
3. For subtle sparkle use washable glitter glue and highlight the pockets.
4. If you wanna add glamour then try letting down the hem and adding a few rips to the shorts. No more than two rips each leg. You don't want your shorts to fall apart!
5. Correct the errands and your shorts are ready :D


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