Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Living in India has it's own perks like every now and then you have to try the indian attire. Even though I'm not really a fan of it but occasionally there's no harm in getting dressed up in suits and posing for the camera.
As today was Janmashtmi one of the Indian god's birthdays (yes we like to say it that way) I got dressed up in an Indian suit. I actually looked just fine which was perfect.


Sunday, 25 August 2013

Reasons For Hating Summers.

India is a country which can be really irritating when seen in summers. Who says there are only the perks of summers? It's more than sun bathing on the beach or chilling around with your friends (at least here it is)

Oily Hair
If you people were the one in my shoes, you would have known what a big disappointment my hair gives me in summers. No one appreciates oily hair or a bad hair day but in my case, every alternate day can turn out to be a bad hair day in summers.
Even if you're up to date with your dress, shoes, accessories or do overs, your hair can really spoil the event for you.

Sweaty Clothes
When bad things happen to good clothes, it feels like someone just stabbed me in the stomach. No kidding!
No one wants sweaty clothes. Sometimes the heat can get so intolerable that even the clothes are not able to take it.
Been there done that!

Whoever said that sunscreens can take up tanning either didn't use a sunscreen before or was dumb enough to cook up stories. No sunscreen can prevent tanning. If you're doing swimming or going for shopping (India is mostly about street shopping), you can end up returning home in a different skin tone (darker one)

Longer Days
I'm  not really a lover of summers and that can obviously be seen. The days are so long that you need a change of clothes at least twice a day and carrying clothes around won't be such a good plan. Till the night time you'll probably be covered with sweat.

Sticky Rains
IF it rains suddenly then the rain in India turns out to be really sticky. I mean you will eat the other person's head as to why your hair are getting frizzy or why your skin is ending up totally dirty. Not really a thing to look forward to you see.

You see I'm not really a summer person. Winters are my thing but summers are not that bad.
It depends on person to person.


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Why Fashion Bloggers Need A Day Planner?

Even though I'm quite updated with my blog, sometimes I mess the blog posts. In such situations I badly crave for a day planner.
Along with being a fashion blogger, you're also a normal human being assigned with certain day to day jobs from homes, schools, friends, families etc. Thus, you can be seen as a machine at times. Who says machines cannot mess it up?
Even machines have flaws.
When I'm organized, I know that things will not fall out of place this one time as I have written everything down as to what I have to do for the day. That helps me clear my mind. I don't have to go on and on trying to recall what else is left for me to finish. Along with a clear mind, I also feel light and the work seems too easy to handle. If I have a clear mind I'm able to concentrate more on the improvisation of Trendy Mannequin which helps it to grow. It seems great to hear but in a way quite hard to achieve.
Thus, a day planner is a must buy.

P.S- You can buy moleskine day planners from


Thursday, 15 August 2013

Greek Mythology

These days our English teacher is making us do various types of plays. So my group decided to do a play on Greek Mythology. The only difficult part about the whole play is the dialogues. That's because we are obviously not used to speaking like that. Excluding that, everthing else is quite exciting. The costumes, the hair to do, the sandals, the accessories etc.

You will be needing gowns. Long long gowns. Mostly in the color white. White depicts the color of peace and if you're acting as a Goddess, (yes I have to) then a white gown will do all the work.
You will also be needing a headgear or a tiara to outshine others. No kidding. All this actually helps.
Your costume would need drapes. Lots of drapes.

Preferably go with the color golden for shoes as golden sandals is the key element of the character. Go with the gladiator style shoes in order to look just like a Greek god.
You can also go with silver or black if you're improvising on your own.

Again, golden is the color. You can go with bracelets having a touch of golden or big bangles. For neck, you can wear lockets. (I saw this leaf locket which was golden in color)
No slings or bags to carry along. You will be perfect with a few accessories.

 Because we are using everything in white and golden, you can go with golden to sync in the character or you can try the contrast. Try using silver base or black base. No colors like purple, pink, blue etc. should be used. That will give a horrified look

Hair To Do:
Try learning how to tie your hair in a Russian braid or try making the waterfall braid.
The waterfall gives an ancient look and the magic about this specific braid is that it gives a different look and everyone will be eager to know that how the braid is made.


Monday, 12 August 2013

The Color Blue

Being in 10th can be really stressful in India. You hardly get time to go out or hang around with friends because of boards.
But well we're managing.

This isn't exactly an outfit post but an update to the places I'm going recently.

Dress; Forever New; Shoes: Thrift


Sunday, 11 August 2013

Casual Birthday.

What is it with Sundays that I'm always so sleepy?
If someone has an answer to that, please keep me updated.
Anyways, everything is so boring these days that even birthdays may seem depressing at times. So here's a little post on what I wore to a casual birthday

Red top: H&M (gift)


Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Why Handling A Fashion Blog Is Fun?

It's been awhile since I'm thinking why handling a fashion blog is fun. I thought about everything. The layout, the theme of the blog, the writing or what IS it? Then I realized every little thing adjoining the blog happens to be fun. From correcting errands to choosing the perfect names for the blog post. From choosing pictures to adding badges of other websites. The blog has it all.
According to me things which you look up to everyday and never get  bored with is the definition of fun.

We all know there are loads of fashion bloggers in this entire world. If we count the number, it would take ages to just get an idea of the number. But the good thing about reading the whole world's fashion blogs is that you get to know more about some other country's sense of style and fashion. This is actual fun.

Outfit Posts
I have digested the fact that my outfit posts are not so up to date but I still post about OOTD to preview a little of what I own in clothes. Outfit posts gives my blog a touch of me and that makes it fun for me.

For bloggers like me, getting more knowledge about the tinniest thing related to my blog or fashion is considered really important.
Knowledge about different topics help you make your posts better and appealing.

Self Confidence
Over the past one year and a few months, I've built up quite a bit of self confidence. (thanks to Trendy Mannequin) You've got to need self confidence in any field of work. Self confidence also leads to your readers feeling that your work is perfect.

All of us who manage a blog are passionate to write. We all like to believe that our own blog is better than other's blogs. Who says there's no place for all fashion bloggers? It's our passion which brings our words down the blog. To top it, other bloggers can read and refer through different blogs.

Okay this might seem funny or weird but my heartbeat increases as the pageviews also increase. That's simply because more pageviews mean more people checked on your blog. Blog popularity is necessary. After all, you're writing to share your views with people out there.

It was just today when 8-9 school friends came up to me and asked me if the bag I was carrying was the one which was on the Customized Bag post.
They said it in front of my other friends who went home and checked up the bag.
That's publicity. Always beneficial.

What is fun for you?

Monday, 5 August 2013

Friends or Best Friends?

Dear readers,
Happy friendship's day to all. I don't know if it is celebrated in the whole world but in India, friendship's day is a really important day for friends.
Since childhood we were taught to buy friendship bands for our closest of friends. Sounds funny but it is true. Friendship bands were like candies for me. So shiny... So attractive (then again I'm a lover of colors)
So we friends decided to go out on friendship's day and exchange bands.

Stripes jumpsuit: Zara; flip flops: Thrift.

Headband: F21


Thursday, 1 August 2013

Customize Your Denims Jeans Into Denim Shorts

Everyone has to have denims otherwise they are aliens. No kidding!
Denim is the basic survival for a normal wardrobe.
This post is for those owning a lot of denims which happen to be old and short. Too small in size.
It's time to get crafty :D

Things You Need: 
Denim jeans
Washable glitter glue
Iron patches

1. Cut the jeans into the desired length for the shorts. Sew the ends of the shorts so that it doesn't look messy but if you want messy, then let the threads fall.
2. If your good with needles embroider patterns on your jeans. If not then go for iron patches and get someone to help you sew around thee edges.
3. For subtle sparkle use washable glitter glue and highlight the pockets.
4. If you wanna add glamour then try letting down the hem and adding a few rips to the shorts. No more than two rips each leg. You don't want your shorts to fall apart!
5. Correct the errands and your shorts are ready :D