Thursday, 11 July 2013

Things To Cross Check Before Clicking Publish.

For a blogger, perfection is the key word. There are a million things which can spoil the blog post and a blogger would do anything to not let it happen.

Pleasant Start
Do not just start off with your post. First tell them the theme of that specific post then get chirpy and THEN get on to the business. You're the head of the blog so there's no point of getting straight away from the thing and making it short.
Try to make a story or a decent article out of the post.

Grammatical Errors
This might sound a bit dumb as bloggers cannot have grammatical errors otherwise they wouldn't be handling a blog but then you're not a perfectionist. Mistakes can happen and such errors always causes problems for the readers.
So check again if the section of grammer is right.

Blog Post Name
Like I mentioned in one of my blog posts that the name of the post plays an important role. The name is for attracting most of the readers and fellow bloggers to your blog. 
You can copy lines from a novel or derive your own thinking in it but make it look unique. Each and every post should reflect your ideas about the post's concept.

Mention Other Things As Well
Your blog is your friend so write things which can sound stupid but can also shout at the same time about your personality.
There's no harm in telling the readers if you have a cat or if you're ending up going out of your home town the next week. Other bloggers love to know what's going around. After all it's a big family or writers all around the world.

Size of The Pictures (If Any)
If you're publishing an outfit post or just decided to share experiences with everyone then you have to make sure that the size of each picture is perfect. Go with Normal or if really needed medium would do. Never exceed than that as you wouldn't want the pictures to lead out in terms of breath and length both.

Description Below The Pictures
ALWAYS mention the brand you're wearing or what the picture is about. Make your blogger friends known to the things around you. Make them experience another country's story of clothes.
A picture is worth a thousand words but a few more wont harm.

Space to Leave Between Each Part Of the Post
I was passing over a various number of posts a few minutes back and I happened to notice that some bloggers hardly care how much gap is needed to be left after a certain lines or how many lines are NOT needed to leave.
Okie, we understand you want the post to look long and worth reading but displaying a blank post is worse than displaying a few lines.
So, make sure you know what goes perfect for your post.

Italic, Bold, Strikethrough, Font and Link
These things might sound like a waste of time but believe me, these tabs give out magic to the post. How will the readers know the difference between the text and the heading unless you don't bold the heading.
Make certain words look like the core words to your post. 
While adding a link, make sure that the link actually opens when pressed. It used to happen with me that no link used to be attached and I used to loose my mind.
My personal favorite is Strikethrough. You can show the bloggers that you're making an effort to make the blog have a personal touch. 

Sign Off Name
Sometimes I wonder if I signed off rudely or hurried in my last blog post. Still working on that.
If the readers are satisfied from the whole blog post, you wouldn't want to disappoint them or make them feel that the ending was harsh. That would make the readers feel weird and lack of interest in you.
Show the love you feel for them taking out the time to read your blog post.

I hope this post helps you get your blog post just perfect :D
Will write soon.
Till then


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