Friday, 26 July 2013

The Pros And Cons of Online Stores.

India is getting all about online stores.
I remember, it was starting of 2012 when I started showing an interest for online stores but soon so many online stores started piling up that now every other person residing in India is into it.

1. Clothes designed in different states are easily accessible all over India
2. Cash on delivery/ Credit card payment is available depending on your convenience.
3. The material used, sizes, colors, length is mentioned.
4. Giveaways are held in which clothes are dispatched to the winners for free
5.  Discounts are given on specific clothes and if you're a frequent buyer, the seller would adjust with the price (only if you're lucky)

1. Length might not be that accurate and you may end up making that dress which you ordered as your new top (happened with me)
2. Quality of accessories or shoes might not be so good.
Eg- if you ordered a locket, the chain might be local and would end up breaking.
3. Some online stores can end up fraud. They suddenly decide to shut down and all your money is gone in vain (again happened with me)
4. Some online stores can delay the dispatching time. But if it's a good online store, you will receive the order between the given time period.
5. Almost all the online stores are selling the same pieces of clothes like tops, dresses, bags and even accessories. You wouldn't wanna end up wearing the same dress to a party and look identical to someone else.

I personally believe it's a risk taking task to order from online stores but if you decide on choosing a good online store which can be trusted then go for it!

That's it for today.
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  1. I thought i was going to see more cons than prons because thats what people thought abt online stores, well at least me alone.. Well, i used to get really attached with online shopping but looking at the quality that i received frequently, i stopped buying from them and started to look for real stuff where i can buy it on the spot. You have a good point though (: kudos!