Wednesday, 31 July 2013

As Beautiful As Your Work: Sahiba Gursahaney

According to my economics textbook, the maximum working hours is between 8-10 hours. But Sahiba Gursahaney spends at least 11 hours in her office.
The girl who is in her early 20's loves to sit in front of a big window in office. She work there with loads of coffee and diet coke everyday. In short, she works as a content analyst. When asked, "what is so good about the job?" all she said was "it's Zomato"
At first I was taken aback when she said that line to me but with time I realized that her job reflects her personality. Those who know her, also know that when food is mentioned or a good restaurant is talked about, Sahiba Gursahaney is the one always ahead to answer. She likes her job because it comes naturally within her.
Although the job involves a lot of hard work, patience and time, my sister somehow manages to come home in one piece. It's nerve-wracking to see her explain you the whole concept of each and every restaurant she crosses on Zomato everyday.
She enjoys what she does and that makes her work beautiful.

P.S- This blog post is written for the Mia Tanshisq bloggers competition.
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