Thursday, 4 July 2013

5 Things That Make Me Want To Blog.

Actually every little thing I do, somehow gets related to my little blogging site. Sometimes day to day practices shout the word, "BLOG"

1. New Clothes:
Whenever I get out of a store, all that crosses my mind is that when and where am I gonna wear these clothes and then display them on my blog for an outfit post?
As you all know outfit post is like the lifeline of any blog. One day or the other you HAVE to post at least one blog post which reveals your taste in clothes.

2. A New Idea:
My mind works almost the whole time of the day as to what should be my next blog post and by fortune when a new idea strikes my mind, I crave to blog at that very moment. It might sound funny but a new idea for the next blog post makes me want to blog again and again.

3. Visit to Different Places:
Sometimes while roaming here and there I end up discovering new places. The places might not be known by a lot of people so to share my experience of that place, I rush to blog.
Different places gives different accounts of definitions for various things.

4. Passion to Write:
I'm sure all the bloggers out there are passionate towards their blogs. (Obviously, otherwise their blogs wouldn't be working till now)
But my passion for writing makes me so crazy that I HAVE to write and share my experience to stay happy.

5. Information Exchange:
As I'm an Indian blogger and I reside in India, I feel all the bloggers worldwide should be knowing about the fashion and a little amount of culture of India. Not that I'm the only fashion blogger but expressing my love towards clothes and occasionally for Indian clothes seems like a satisfactory thing to do.
Just like that, I gain the whole world's fashion news and knowledge.

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Will write soon.
Till then



  1. Great post!!!

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