Wednesday, 31 July 2013

As Beautiful As Your Work: Sahiba Gursahaney

According to my economics textbook, the maximum working hours is between 8-10 hours. But Sahiba Gursahaney spends at least 11 hours in her office.
The girl who is in her early 20's loves to sit in front of a big window in office. She work there with loads of coffee and diet coke everyday. In short, she works as a content analyst. When asked, "what is so good about the job?" all she said was "it's Zomato"
At first I was taken aback when she said that line to me but with time I realized that her job reflects her personality. Those who know her, also know that when food is mentioned or a good restaurant is talked about, Sahiba Gursahaney is the one always ahead to answer. She likes her job because it comes naturally within her.
Although the job involves a lot of hard work, patience and time, my sister somehow manages to come home in one piece. It's nerve-wracking to see her explain you the whole concept of each and every restaurant she crosses on Zomato everyday.
She enjoys what she does and that makes her work beautiful.

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Metallic Gold.

I'm more of a silver color person. Silver is vibrant, peaceful and soothing for eyes and the plus point about the color silver is that, it goes with almost everything!
But this time as I was going through the nearby shops in search of accessories, my eyes got stuck at the metallic gold. At first I thought it is because of the shine, but then I ended up buying them!



Neck piece


Ignore the picture quality.
I'm in desperate need of a new camera :/


Sunday, 28 July 2013

Outfit Post.

So being sick has its own perks.
One of them includes a lot of free time to do just nothing.
As I had nothing to do, I went for shopping and ended up buying these dresses:

Dress: Vera Moda

Dress: Thrift store


Friday, 26 July 2013

The Pros And Cons of Online Stores.

India is getting all about online stores.
I remember, it was starting of 2012 when I started showing an interest for online stores but soon so many online stores started piling up that now every other person residing in India is into it.

1. Clothes designed in different states are easily accessible all over India
2. Cash on delivery/ Credit card payment is available depending on your convenience.
3. The material used, sizes, colors, length is mentioned.
4. Giveaways are held in which clothes are dispatched to the winners for free
5.  Discounts are given on specific clothes and if you're a frequent buyer, the seller would adjust with the price (only if you're lucky)

1. Length might not be that accurate and you may end up making that dress which you ordered as your new top (happened with me)
2. Quality of accessories or shoes might not be so good.
Eg- if you ordered a locket, the chain might be local and would end up breaking.
3. Some online stores can end up fraud. They suddenly decide to shut down and all your money is gone in vain (again happened with me)
4. Some online stores can delay the dispatching time. But if it's a good online store, you will receive the order between the given time period.
5. Almost all the online stores are selling the same pieces of clothes like tops, dresses, bags and even accessories. You wouldn't wanna end up wearing the same dress to a party and look identical to someone else.

I personally believe it's a risk taking task to order from online stores but if you decide on choosing a good online store which can be trusted then go for it!

That's it for today.
Will write soon


Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Black Is the Color.

Dear readers,
Fever and cold can really make you cranky. Keep being cranky aside but fever will spoil your whole face.
Yes, I have fever and yes I am getting cranky.
This was supposed to be a pretty little outfit post where I posted a few pictures displaying the dress I wore and how I got a new haircut (I'm not really into the short hair thingi) and how the length goes with the texture of my face, BUT the fever and cold screwed my whole face and I literally look sick in the pictures.

P.S- Please manage with it!

Dress:  Forever New <3


Thursday, 11 July 2013

Things To Cross Check Before Clicking Publish.

For a blogger, perfection is the key word. There are a million things which can spoil the blog post and a blogger would do anything to not let it happen.

Pleasant Start
Do not just start off with your post. First tell them the theme of that specific post then get chirpy and THEN get on to the business. You're the head of the blog so there's no point of getting straight away from the thing and making it short.
Try to make a story or a decent article out of the post.

Grammatical Errors
This might sound a bit dumb as bloggers cannot have grammatical errors otherwise they wouldn't be handling a blog but then you're not a perfectionist. Mistakes can happen and such errors always causes problems for the readers.
So check again if the section of grammer is right.

Blog Post Name
Like I mentioned in one of my blog posts that the name of the post plays an important role. The name is for attracting most of the readers and fellow bloggers to your blog. 
You can copy lines from a novel or derive your own thinking in it but make it look unique. Each and every post should reflect your ideas about the post's concept.

Mention Other Things As Well
Your blog is your friend so write things which can sound stupid but can also shout at the same time about your personality.
There's no harm in telling the readers if you have a cat or if you're ending up going out of your home town the next week. Other bloggers love to know what's going around. After all it's a big family or writers all around the world.

Size of The Pictures (If Any)
If you're publishing an outfit post or just decided to share experiences with everyone then you have to make sure that the size of each picture is perfect. Go with Normal or if really needed medium would do. Never exceed than that as you wouldn't want the pictures to lead out in terms of breath and length both.

Description Below The Pictures
ALWAYS mention the brand you're wearing or what the picture is about. Make your blogger friends known to the things around you. Make them experience another country's story of clothes.
A picture is worth a thousand words but a few more wont harm.

Space to Leave Between Each Part Of the Post
I was passing over a various number of posts a few minutes back and I happened to notice that some bloggers hardly care how much gap is needed to be left after a certain lines or how many lines are NOT needed to leave.
Okie, we understand you want the post to look long and worth reading but displaying a blank post is worse than displaying a few lines.
So, make sure you know what goes perfect for your post.

Italic, Bold, Strikethrough, Font and Link
These things might sound like a waste of time but believe me, these tabs give out magic to the post. How will the readers know the difference between the text and the heading unless you don't bold the heading.
Make certain words look like the core words to your post. 
While adding a link, make sure that the link actually opens when pressed. It used to happen with me that no link used to be attached and I used to loose my mind.
My personal favorite is Strikethrough. You can show the bloggers that you're making an effort to make the blog have a personal touch. 

Sign Off Name
Sometimes I wonder if I signed off rudely or hurried in my last blog post. Still working on that.
If the readers are satisfied from the whole blog post, you wouldn't want to disappoint them or make them feel that the ending was harsh. That would make the readers feel weird and lack of interest in you.
Show the love you feel for them taking out the time to read your blog post.

I hope this post helps you get your blog post just perfect :D
Will write soon.
Till then


Monday, 8 July 2013

Customized Bag

I'm totally in love with Claire's. Not that I already wasn't into that store but I'm loving it more now.
As summers are going on, my family is into the shopping mode which means ending up in mall every weekend and sometimes even weekdays (which is way too difficult to manage as school is getting hectic)
The last two weeks were pretty messy as my sister's birthday is coming and we HAD to find a perfect dress for her.
Anyways, I ended up in Claire's yesterday and I found this really amazing bag there.
I was head over heels for it and I just had to buy it. It was perfect in terms of prices and obviously pretty looking and I got it ^_^
SECRET: Whenever I get something new, I keep it on my bed and sleep at night. (I'm not crazy)

Also, as the sale is on in almost every store of Delhi (India) Claire's should be kept first in your priority list.

Much love

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Cartoon Tshirts.

It seems like the shortest time to enjoy as much as I can. As the days are getting better, (less of heat) normal tshirts are becoming more of use. As a matter of fact, every single friend and sometimes even unknown teenagers of my age are seen wearing cartoon tshirts. My personal favorite is bugs and lola bunny. Call me a kid but even I was a die hard fan of baby looney tunes.
Anyways, the good thing about cartoon tshirts is that it is liked and worn by all and by all, I mean all. They can go just perfectly with any types and color of shorts or jeans for daily wear. Of course we have to keep color co-ordination in mind. Excluding that, cartoon tees never get you into any fashion trouble unless you end up attending a black tie party wearing that tee.
Cartoon tshirts also tells people about your favorite cartoons which helps you talk about another new topic related to your childhood. Been there, done that.


Thursday, 4 July 2013

5 Things That Make Me Want To Blog.

Actually every little thing I do, somehow gets related to my little blogging site. Sometimes day to day practices shout the word, "BLOG"

1. New Clothes:
Whenever I get out of a store, all that crosses my mind is that when and where am I gonna wear these clothes and then display them on my blog for an outfit post?
As you all know outfit post is like the lifeline of any blog. One day or the other you HAVE to post at least one blog post which reveals your taste in clothes.

2. A New Idea:
My mind works almost the whole time of the day as to what should be my next blog post and by fortune when a new idea strikes my mind, I crave to blog at that very moment. It might sound funny but a new idea for the next blog post makes me want to blog again and again.

3. Visit to Different Places:
Sometimes while roaming here and there I end up discovering new places. The places might not be known by a lot of people so to share my experience of that place, I rush to blog.
Different places gives different accounts of definitions for various things.

4. Passion to Write:
I'm sure all the bloggers out there are passionate towards their blogs. (Obviously, otherwise their blogs wouldn't be working till now)
But my passion for writing makes me so crazy that I HAVE to write and share my experience to stay happy.

5. Information Exchange:
As I'm an Indian blogger and I reside in India, I feel all the bloggers worldwide should be knowing about the fashion and a little amount of culture of India. Not that I'm the only fashion blogger but expressing my love towards clothes and occasionally for Indian clothes seems like a satisfactory thing to do.
Just like that, I gain the whole world's fashion news and knowledge.

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Will write soon.
Till then