Sunday, 2 June 2013

My Day.

Well the so called "big" day did come after all. As you read in my previous blog posts that I wasn't really head over heels for my birthday (31st of May) but you know how mom's are.When they want something, they make sure to get it. So my mom planned a small lunch with my dear friends. It was a good experience after all but I had planned to mostly shop. Hate to do the cancellations.

Here's a small review of the day:

It's my Boo cake ;;)

Dress: My favorite F21; watch: Calvin Klein; Shoes: Thrift store

The dress is way too much plain. Let's say it was classy this time. I look a bit messy but that's probably because my hair decided to ditch me at the last moment. Shoes and watch goes just perfect though.

That's it for now.
Will write soon.
Till then



  1. your cake is so so cuute <3
    check out my latest post:

  2. That's such a cute cake! Loving your dress and I hope you had a fantastic day!