Sunday, 2 June 2013

5 Tips To Avoid Messy Packing.

Every now and then we have to go out with friends or family. In my previous trip with my school friends, I discovered that my bag was just not ready to let my clothes in. It can get quite frustrating but then you have to manage with what you have. Even though I'm a 15 year old but sometimes I can act like a kid. Like the time when I asked my mum to pack my bags for the trip, she gave me the "Oh, you actually said that" look. That was the time I had to get out of my bed and pack my bags without taking anyone's help. Totally confused what to do, I ended up doing these experiments which surprisingly worked:

1. Roll the Clothes Like a Towel: 
If your bag decides to show you attitude, this seriously works. Roll your clothes in pairs like a towel and keep a newspaper between the clothes to avoid crushing of clothes. (In pairs will work to avoid space for more clothes)

2. Make Columns 
Divide all the things in columns. Keep night-wears on one side, day time clothes on one and glittery & blingy ones on another side. This also helps in taking out clothes easily without spoiling rest of the packing.

3. Keep a Different Bag for Accessories/Toiletries
I was really proud of myself for keeping a different bag for accessories and toiletries otherwise I would have gone crazy finding my hairbands, clips, rubberbands or my toothbrush, paste, hairbrush etc. A separate bag gives more empty space and keeps the small- small things safe and tidy at one place.

4. Take An Extra Paper/Plastic Bag for Used Clothes.
This was suggested by my mom which happened to be a good idea. If bad things happen to good clothes it's really disappointing but supposedly if you've got no place to keep the dirty clothes but with the clean clothes, things get worse. Thus an extra bag is a must.

5. Avoid Carrying Liquid Soaps, Food Items, Bottles of Water etc.
You cannot take a risk to carry both pretty clothes and the mentioned things. Try carrying paper soaps, dry food and if carrying liquid things, carry loads of tissues. (You wouldn't want your clothes to float in water) Always prefer carrying less amount of liquid things.

These tips really help as I have tried them personally.

That's it for now.
Will write soon.
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  1. Excellent tips! I have to save these for the next time I'm travelling!