Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Your Blogging Headquarters

I wonder will it ever snow in India? I know this may sound silly but just wondering!
#Cannot bear the heat :/

We all need one specific place to blog. It can be anywhere. Literally anywhere. Your room, terrace, balcony, a park, garage or any place where you're able to concentrate. Some places may actually sound funny. 
There was this friend of mine who had started blogging. (She wasn't into writing but wanted to get an experience since I'm always blabbing about my blog :$) Her blogging place was her washroom. She would sit with the laptop there and think till the time she wouldn't get the perfect text.
There was this one time when for months I couldn't write a single line without changing my place 10 times then I finally landed in my own room :$
As my room happens to be all orangish and bright colors everywhere I found out that writing in a bright room gives me positive vibes and many new ideas for a blog post. Also, it encourages me to write more. I know the posts might not be perfect but try till you succeed!

THIS is Dulce Candy's blogging place. Believe me I have never seen something so amazing. I would die to stay here forever and blog! She's organized everything so beautifully. It's like you're in your own blogging world. 
That's it for now.
Will write soon.
Till then 



  1. yes, Dolce Candy's room is amazing! every blogger's dream :)
    check out my latest post to:

  2. I totally know what you mean. I perch myself in one corner of the house and that spot feels like home :)

  3. That blogging room is just perfect! I'm usually on my couch but I would absolutely love to be sitting on a terrace somewhere with a great view!

  4. wow amaziing i love it want to have the same blogging space too =)thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. =) do u want to follow each other?