Thursday, 16 May 2013

Maxi Dresses.

It's summer '13
Time for blog posts flowing from Trendy Mannequin. Summers bring new clothes, new memories, new experiences and new blog posts. So it's time to get up and have some blast.

Maxi dresses are 'in'. People all around me are found wearing Maxi dresses. Frankly speaking I'm not really a lover of maxis but if you find good ones then who will mind wearing them? Proper basic maxis are supposed to be till feet. The can be of any texture, design, color and pattern.
The kind of maxi dress I'm looking for is longer from behind (longer than the knees) and shorter from the front. My fantasy maxi dress is a tube maxi which comprises of black or silver sequenced till the starting of the stomach and then a net A-line cloth of blue or pink color (Light shades)
I know it's hard to understand like this. If words could say it all.
The best thing about Maxi dresses is that it is comfortable and fun to wear. People actually observe your dress . And with a headband which is contrast in color, you dress will appeal more to everyone.

In every online store of India, Maxi dresses are selling like fire! And people are dying to buy them. As per me, I'm the one whose waiting for my fantasy maxi ;)

Will write soon. Now more often. Vacations have started (:
Till then


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