Friday, 17 May 2013

Choosing a Name for Your Fashion Blog.

This might be funny but choosing a name for your fashion blog or rather any blog is quite important. When someone opens your blog, the first thing they notice is your blog name. Words say it all after all!
When you're choosing the name, take time. Do not hurry and keep a random name just for the sake of starting the blog as soon as possible. Blogging takes time and you should accept that. It's a slow and time consuming process but it's worth waiting.
There can be various options when choosing a blog name.
#If you love pink, you can involve the word pink in it.
As per my observation, most fashion bloggers choose names which are related to fashion. That is how it is supposed to be but just imagine if your blog name is unique people will get attracted to your blog. Of course blog posts are the most important factor of your blog but do not under estimate the blog name.

  • Your blog name should reflect your personality, your likes & dislikes. 
  • Not very long and not very short (Just perfect)
  • Try to be unique and avoid adding words like fashion, style etc.
  • Avoid quotes
  • Do not confuse the readers and fellow bloggers by the name of your blog (eg- they wouldn't wanna read about fashion assuming to open a food blog)
#Do take time. It's a blog we're talking about! Serious matter.
But also have fun while choosing the name. After all what's blogging without fun in it?

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  1. Great post! I had kind of a hard time thinking of the perfect name for my blog, but I'm so happy with Bows&Beau-ties.
    xoxo Aimee

  2. Excellent post. The one thing I would add is make sure your name is available across social media platforms so that you can have a unified image.

  3. So true! I think I may have had a 5, 6 different blogs, and I was never happy with the name and the content, after all is not an easy task to write something that is interesting, right?