Monday, 29 April 2013

Straight From India

Hello dear readers and bloggers (:
India is getting hotter day by day. It's frustrating. The sweat spoils my hair and makes my clothes wet. White clothes are staying inside the closet not willing to come out.
Let's cut the boring news.
So I never got a chance to show you people the traditional clothes of India. To some India is different and beautiful while to some India can be a weird place where girls DO NOT know how to dress up in a presentable way. Believe me the people who think option two is correct doesn't know how the girls of India are.

My friend's grandparents completed 50 years together (In India that is a big deal) so there was a small gathering. Traditional clothes were a must even though I'm not the type of girl who prefers suits over dresses or shorts.

P.S- Ignore the poses. Teenagers I tell you :P. Also excuse the picture quality!

Will write soon.
Till then


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