Sunday, 14 April 2013

Hands And Nails: The First Priority.

If you're a girl, nails and hands are your first priority. The most amazing feeling I get is when someone compliments me for my hands or nails (even though my nails grow after decades) Here I bring some tips to help you take care of your hands and nails.
If you take good care of your hands, your nails will get the benefit too! Wearing cotton gloves while doing household works will protect your nails. Use a hand cream to keep your hands soft. To grow your nails massage the growing area at the base of each nail. Don't grow your nails too long as this makes them liable to break easily. Always use a filer to shape your nails.
Never bite your lips. If tempted  help yourself by finding plenty to occupy your hands.
Don't avoid nail varnish- wearing it is a deterrent to biting your nails. If you want to wear nail varnish, you can use two coats of colored polish or a special base coat followed by the colored varnish with a final layer of clear topcoat to minimize chipping. Use three strokes on each nail- centre, then the two sides. Do the thumb nail first and then the little finger working back to index finger.
After each coat, to clean up the excess nail polish, dip a cotton bud in val varnish remover and apply to cuticle and finger areas. Make sure you give enough time to each nail for drying. Exercise your fingers in the meantime. A healthy diet will help you have a strong nails. Eat lots of protein and calcium rich food items such as meat, fish, cheese, eggs and milk.
If white patches present in them, it indicates a lack of calcium in your diet.

Happy eating :D


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