Saturday, 13 April 2013

Because Your Feet Need Extra Care.

Our feet, need a good care in order to look presentable and to look presentable, a lot of hard work is needed.
Here I bring some tips as to how you can work on yourself

You're feet do a lot of work for you and for that you should reward them by taking good care of them. Our feet get covered by sweat glands the soonest so to avoid that wash your feet thoroughly as much as you can.
When you take a bath, scrub your feet with a nail brush or a pumice stone to avoid dryness or flaky skin. To soften your feet, put a little talc in the shoes. After a bath rub your feet with body lotion and clip your toenails while they're still soft. 
Work your toenails in a squared shape to avoid ingrowing toenails.
Always wear the correct size of shoes in width as well as length. Problems like corns, bunions and other things result due to badly fitting shoes.
Use this checklist while buying shoes:
  • Shoes should be half an inch bigger than your shoe size.
  • Toes should have room to move and should fit snugly at both snugly at both heel and instep
  • Soles should be as wide as the foot and widest at the first joint of the big toe
  • Upper parts of shoes should be soft and flexible.
#Avoid high heels. 6 cm(2 and a half inches) is as high as you should go.


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  1. This is great. I always have to take really good care of my feet otherwise they hurt!