Monday, 29 April 2013

Straight From India

Hello dear readers and bloggers (:
India is getting hotter day by day. It's frustrating. The sweat spoils my hair and makes my clothes wet. White clothes are staying inside the closet not willing to come out.
Let's cut the boring news.
So I never got a chance to show you people the traditional clothes of India. To some India is different and beautiful while to some India can be a weird place where girls DO NOT know how to dress up in a presentable way. Believe me the people who think option two is correct doesn't know how the girls of India are.

My friend's grandparents completed 50 years together (In India that is a big deal) so there was a small gathering. Traditional clothes were a must even though I'm not the type of girl who prefers suits over dresses or shorts.

P.S- Ignore the poses. Teenagers I tell you :P. Also excuse the picture quality!

Will write soon.
Till then


Wednesday, 24 April 2013

When The Thai People Arrived.

In Indian amy schools are focusing on exchange programs. Our school focuses on Germany and Thailand.
This year came 19 Thai exchange students. As our class is divided into 3, one class was given 6 students while the others got 6 and 7 respectively.
I got a girl named Natcha as my buddy. She's of my age and is not really a person who can talk freely and interact easily (I don't blame her. It's tough in a new country) but once you get to know her, she's one fun ride. Natcha likes to read and play badminton. Also, she loves her family immensely.
I took her for shopping to the streets of Delhi. After observing her for some time I got to know she's a fashion lover but fashion which shouts comfort in them. She doesn't like much bling but just a to- do pair of jeans along with a casual tee would work for her.
Her clothes focus more on jeans than shorts or dresses. She likes accessories more than clothes. As a matter of fact, all the Thai buddies prefer accessories more.
Colors attract her a lot mostly pink. After all she's a girl.

My experience with her was amazing. We talked and laughed. Went on rides and became good friends.

That's it for now.
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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Hands And Nails: The First Priority.

If you're a girl, nails and hands are your first priority. The most amazing feeling I get is when someone compliments me for my hands or nails (even though my nails grow after decades) Here I bring some tips to help you take care of your hands and nails.
If you take good care of your hands, your nails will get the benefit too! Wearing cotton gloves while doing household works will protect your nails. Use a hand cream to keep your hands soft. To grow your nails massage the growing area at the base of each nail. Don't grow your nails too long as this makes them liable to break easily. Always use a filer to shape your nails.
Never bite your lips. If tempted  help yourself by finding plenty to occupy your hands.
Don't avoid nail varnish- wearing it is a deterrent to biting your nails. If you want to wear nail varnish, you can use two coats of colored polish or a special base coat followed by the colored varnish with a final layer of clear topcoat to minimize chipping. Use three strokes on each nail- centre, then the two sides. Do the thumb nail first and then the little finger working back to index finger.
After each coat, to clean up the excess nail polish, dip a cotton bud in val varnish remover and apply to cuticle and finger areas. Make sure you give enough time to each nail for drying. Exercise your fingers in the meantime. A healthy diet will help you have a strong nails. Eat lots of protein and calcium rich food items such as meat, fish, cheese, eggs and milk.
If white patches present in them, it indicates a lack of calcium in your diet.

Happy eating :D


Saturday, 13 April 2013

Because Your Feet Need Extra Care.

Our feet, need a good care in order to look presentable and to look presentable, a lot of hard work is needed.
Here I bring some tips as to how you can work on yourself

You're feet do a lot of work for you and for that you should reward them by taking good care of them. Our feet get covered by sweat glands the soonest so to avoid that wash your feet thoroughly as much as you can.
When you take a bath, scrub your feet with a nail brush or a pumice stone to avoid dryness or flaky skin. To soften your feet, put a little talc in the shoes. After a bath rub your feet with body lotion and clip your toenails while they're still soft. 
Work your toenails in a squared shape to avoid ingrowing toenails.
Always wear the correct size of shoes in width as well as length. Problems like corns, bunions and other things result due to badly fitting shoes.
Use this checklist while buying shoes:
  • Shoes should be half an inch bigger than your shoe size.
  • Toes should have room to move and should fit snugly at both snugly at both heel and instep
  • Soles should be as wide as the foot and widest at the first joint of the big toe
  • Upper parts of shoes should be soft and flexible.
#Avoid high heels. 6 cm(2 and a half inches) is as high as you should go.


Thursday, 11 April 2013

3 Types Of Baths To Cleanse Your Body.

For those who have oily or dry skins, this post is dedicated to them. While researching for my next blog post, I came through a study which gave an account of different types of baths for oily and dry skins. After combining my thoughts and the study I created this blog post and thought of sharing it with the readers and follow bloggers.

Milk, Honey and Oil Bath
To soften and moisturize your skin.

Things you need: Warm water, one cup of skimmed milk, one tablespoon oil (Baby oil or vegetable), two tablespoons clear honey dissolved in one cup hot water.
All you have to do is add all the ingredients in the water and stay in the water for 20 minutes. Maintain the temperature by adding hot water as necessary. Don't rub yourself vigorously after the bath.

Sea Salt Bath
A cleansing bath for oily skin.

Things you need: warm water, two cups of sea salt and additional salt.
Pour the two cups of sea salt into the bath water to dissolve.  Meanwhile, massage your body with additional salt and friction mitt. Rinse the salt and soak for five minutes. Stay in the water for 10 minutes.
Use plenty of body lotion afterwards.

Mint Bath
To refresh and revive you.

Things you need: water, two tablespoons dried mint steeped in boiling water for one hour then strained so that only the water goes into the bath.
The bath should be of 10 minutes. Add mint infusion after running the bath. Don't have the water too deep as this will dilute the benefits. Stay in the water without doing anything for 5 minutes. Wash briskly with a mitt for the remaining 5 minutes.

There's plenty more to come!
Till then


Saturday, 6 April 2013

Street Style v/s Brand Freaks

This blog post reflects the ideas of three kinds of people... People who survive on street style, those who cannot breath without brands on their clothes and those loving both. I would come in the category which loves both.
Since Delhi is a state of having amazing street clothes people prefer buying cheap clothes which are comfy. Obviously fashion cant always promise to be comfortable.

In Delhi, you can find markets full of street clothes and accessories. As a matter of fact, there's one just five minutes away from my house. The good thing about having such markets everywhere is that people don't have to go looking for them far away. The stuff available can surprise you a number of times. I once ended up finding pants which were like the pants worn by Aladdin.
You can always find such markets crowded. Believe me, there's no space to even breath but then coming here is worth it. Like in America there are thrift stores, garage sales etc. India has street markets, flea markets etc.
Street markets are a good investment according to me.

Who doesn't love brands? A teenager will always have at least one Zara or one F21 t-shirt in their closet. And nothing is wrong with that. These brands are good brands. They come in reasonable prices and are quite fashionable. In most of my outfit posts, there are things I've bought from F21 and Zara only. 
For amazing heels, I approach Nine West or Aldo. These shops sometimes do go over the top with the prices but then who doesn't need heels? So later on prices don't really matter to me.
Brands have good cloth quality, they've got style and they are easily accessible.
I prefer buying accessories from street shops because buying them from branded shops makes me feel I'm simply wasting the money. Of course headbands is an exception.

That's all for now.
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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The Road Not Taken.

This weekend was one which cannot be forgotten. My dad came home one day and announced that we're going for a road trip to a nearby city so get to work and pack all the essentials.
As the plan was sudden, I did my packing at the last moment and could only keep a few pair of shorts and t-shirts. Planning to shop from there, I ended up being disappointed as there was nothing to buy!

Clothes which accompanied me were:

Top: F21 (Love it); Shorts: Jealous 21; Sandals & headband: Thrift.

It was a relaxing weekend and worth going.
Will write soon.
Till then