Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Your Everyday Hair.

Everyone has had a bad hair day in their lives. It can be embarrassing to bump into someone known and seeing that person look over to your hair and give you the look "are they actually YOUR hair?" It's not everyday that a girl can dress up like Cinderella and step out of her house. Everyone has weekdays which give the image of  a weekend to other people.
I as an individual love headbands. I wear them everyday. Literally every day. I feel that headbands go perfect with the length of my hair.

As some of the religions in India demand no cutting of hair, you can always see women with long hair touching their waists. So for them I would suggest them to make a cute french plat or a rubberband would go to. To those who prefer keeping their hair open, headbands, clutchers and tick tack pins to keep a puff up is always an option.

For me the medium length is just perfect. This much of length is always easy to carry and looks good too. Women/girls having medium length can always keep their hair open and can even make a high ponytail with a high puff or an open flick.

For the lovers of short hair, all you can do with your hair is put a headband or make a side puff. I personally feel a front puff wont make you look too good. Also, you all wouldn't be needing much of a help with your hair as they would be perfect just by combing.

As I've personally experienced all the three lengths, I would say medium was and still is the best length for me. It's easy to carry and makes me look good with headbands.



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  2. Ill be following too. lol! Well ive gone through all the hairlengths, but the one I am loving now is this waist length hair I have now becasue I can style it in anyway I want. I can curl it, iron it, put it on a bun , ponytail. Anything!