Thursday, 28 March 2013

How Novels Can Be Useful For Fashion Bloggers.

I'm a die hard fan of novels. Hand me a book and I'm all set to read it. As I'm going out for a road trip this weekend, I won't be able to blog for 3 entire days. While packing, I went over my book collection and nearly stumbled to see that all the novels were old and read at least two times.

I land in the bookstore completely confused as to which one to choose. The shopkeeper familiar with this reaction saves me by suggesting The Last Song as I demanded for a Nicholas Sparks book.
Haven't yet read it but plan to do so during the road trip.
Anyways,  while reading somethings stay in my mind which help me during blogging.
The latest novel I read was Eat Pray Love. It doesn't really involve fashion but the novel takes me to a world of food, meditation and somewhat nature. The novel gives knowledge about Italy and food. As I'm an Indian and belong from India itself, meditation doesn't really differ.

  • Read till your mind allows. Reading will help you gain knowledge about different things.
  • Examine the book carefully. Do not read for the sake of reading but read for a passion to know what happens till the end of the book.
  • Do not leave the book in between. Well as I love to read, I cannot stop till the book isn't finished. There's always a sheer curiosity as to what will happen in the end.
  • Try to relate the novel to your blogging life. As a blogger I try to mix everything with blogging. (It comes internally) Find texts and information which can be added to your blog. This will help in making the blog better as well as giving knowledge to your readers and fellow bloggers.
  • With great knowledge comes great power. If you gain some knowledge through books DO NOT go overconfident over it. Specially while reading fiction novels. Wait till you're sure about what you know and then share it with everyone.
That's it for now.
Will write soon.
Till then.



  1. I love reading too. And next on my list to read is Eat Pray Love. Have a safe trip! :)


  2. I used to be a crazy, one-book-per-week-minimum, kind of person and now it has been a very long time since I've read something other than my notes for class... I really miss it! I have to go back to it...

    I read the last song and it's really good by the way... Better than the movie! Nicholas Sparks can be cheesy and predictable but I always end up falling in love with his characters!


  3. Wonderful thoughts! I agree with you, in a great book you can find so much inspiration for your blog.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Lovely post! I'm a big fan of reading for pleasure as well and I can't tell you how much it influences my writing. :)

  5. I totally agree! Plus, Eat Pray Love has definitely got me through some hard times in my life! Seriously a life changing book! Enjoy!

    Danielle xx
    Moda from Dusk 'til Dawn