Thursday, 28 March 2013

How Novels Can Be Useful For Fashion Bloggers.

I'm a die hard fan of novels. Hand me a book and I'm all set to read it. As I'm going out for a road trip this weekend, I won't be able to blog for 3 entire days. While packing, I went over my book collection and nearly stumbled to see that all the novels were old and read at least two times.

I land in the bookstore completely confused as to which one to choose. The shopkeeper familiar with this reaction saves me by suggesting The Last Song as I demanded for a Nicholas Sparks book.
Haven't yet read it but plan to do so during the road trip.
Anyways,  while reading somethings stay in my mind which help me during blogging.
The latest novel I read was Eat Pray Love. It doesn't really involve fashion but the novel takes me to a world of food, meditation and somewhat nature. The novel gives knowledge about Italy and food. As I'm an Indian and belong from India itself, meditation doesn't really differ.

  • Read till your mind allows. Reading will help you gain knowledge about different things.
  • Examine the book carefully. Do not read for the sake of reading but read for a passion to know what happens till the end of the book.
  • Do not leave the book in between. Well as I love to read, I cannot stop till the book isn't finished. There's always a sheer curiosity as to what will happen in the end.
  • Try to relate the novel to your blogging life. As a blogger I try to mix everything with blogging. (It comes internally) Find texts and information which can be added to your blog. This will help in making the blog better as well as giving knowledge to your readers and fellow bloggers.
  • With great knowledge comes great power. If you gain some knowledge through books DO NOT go overconfident over it. Specially while reading fiction novels. Wait till you're sure about what you know and then share it with everyone.
That's it for now.
Will write soon.
Till then.


Sunday, 24 March 2013

The World Is Full Of Colors

When spring enters India, it brings many festivals along with it. Our country is known for the amount of festivals celebrated here.
Spring brings in Holi. Like spring is all about colors and floral patterns, Holi happens to be a replica of spring. The only definition you can give for it is water and colors.
It may give an impression of wildness and lack of behavior but then Indians love having fun without caring about being noticed.  Special type of food is made which makes everyone happy and a lot of water is used in this festival. As a matter of fact, every child is waiting the whole year for this festival.


Sunday, 17 March 2013

From A Hand-Me-Down Diary to Trendy Mannequin.

It's been almost 6 years since I'm writing a diary. I was in 3rd grade when my mum first handed me a shiny spiral bind diary with fresh smooth pages in it. Since childhood, diaries fascinated me. So after writing 5 diaries which were filled with my thoughts and ideas, writing became my hobby. I always had a thing for clothes, accessories (headbands specifically), shoes and everything which stated fashion. In 2011, I found Dulce Candy and I was speechles. Little did I know that I will discover Trendy Mannequin. That lady is a walking example of dedication towards fashion. Inspired by her, I wrote my first blog post on jumpsuits/playsuits. As summers were on, I continued with more and more blog posts. And now after a year and a half I'm proud to announce that Trendy Mannequin is where my life revolves. Every little day to day thing,somehow gets related to my blog.
Here I share things which I love and my opinions towards fashion.
As a matter of fact I feel every other person should use words to describe what they feel. But then again that depends person to person.

That's it for now.
Till then


Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Your Everyday Hair.

Everyone has had a bad hair day in their lives. It can be embarrassing to bump into someone known and seeing that person look over to your hair and give you the look "are they actually YOUR hair?" It's not everyday that a girl can dress up like Cinderella and step out of her house. Everyone has weekdays which give the image of  a weekend to other people.
I as an individual love headbands. I wear them everyday. Literally every day. I feel that headbands go perfect with the length of my hair.

As some of the religions in India demand no cutting of hair, you can always see women with long hair touching their waists. So for them I would suggest them to make a cute french plat or a rubberband would go to. To those who prefer keeping their hair open, headbands, clutchers and tick tack pins to keep a puff up is always an option.

For me the medium length is just perfect. This much of length is always easy to carry and looks good too. Women/girls having medium length can always keep their hair open and can even make a high ponytail with a high puff or an open flick.

For the lovers of short hair, all you can do with your hair is put a headband or make a side puff. I personally feel a front puff wont make you look too good. Also, you all wouldn't be needing much of a help with your hair as they would be perfect just by combing.

As I've personally experienced all the three lengths, I would say medium was and still is the best length for me. It's easy to carry and makes me look good with headbands.