Monday, 30 December 2013

Lip Gloss or Lip Balm?

Since it's time for New Year, every fashion blogger is too hyped to post about their outfits and makeup tutorials for New Year eve. They are not wrong to do so. After all, it's their fashion blog and they are showing exactly what a fashion blog is supposed to show. But here I'm the one writing a blog post on lip glosses and lip balms. Funny right?

The thing about any lipgloss is that they give your lips a bizarre look. If you're up for a blingy party, a lipgloss is all that you need.
1. A lipgloss will make your lips look big and will give a perfect shape to your lips.
2. As I mentioned earlier, bling and lipgloss go hand in hand.
3. No more using tacky shades of lipsticks.
4. The shine wont leave for hours keeping the gloss intact.
5. Your face will be more noticeable.
1. Gloss may get itchy.
2. It won't work like a lip balm.
3. If you're done with parties, you may get problems removing the gloss later on.

Who needs any other lipbalm when you have Baby Lips? The first lipbalm which works like a mild shade of lipgloss.
1. Stays intact for hours.
2. Heals the lips which get dry (specially in winters)
3. Less amount of chemicals are used (herbal ones)
4. Smells good.
5. SPF protection is there which is really beneficial for the sensitive lips.
6. Affordable at cheap prices.
1. No shine and appealing look.
2. Can be dangerous for health if cheap ingredients are used.


Saturday, 21 December 2013

Pernia Qureshi And Her Pop Up Shop.

About Pernia:
Born in New Delhi, India Pernia Qureshi is the living legend known to mankind. Since the age of six, she adored fashion. Currently working as a fashion stylist and costume designer, Pernia started the fashion journey by doing internships at Elle New York, Harper's Bazaar, Catherine Malandrino and after that went into freelance work with Conde Nast in New York.
Later on she moved back to Delhi in 2008.
Even though she practiced law, her heart was stuck in fashion.
Pernia then worked as a consultant with Harper Bazaar India also with fashion designers like JJ Valaya, Tarun Tahiliani on look books, campaigns and fashion shows. She was also undertaken as the costume designer for Aisha (as we all have seen her magnificent work in the movie) and for Thankyou.
Her inspirations are Miu Miu, Marchesa, Prada, Stella Mcartney and a lot more.

The Clingy Moment:
Once Pernia got detained from the Delhi Airport while her return from Bangkok for bringing 16 handbags worth 35 lakhs and not declaring them at the custom duty.

About Her Pop Up Shop:
While Pernia was in the business of styling for Aisha, it gave her the idea for her online store- Pernia's Pop Up Shop
The online magazine is basically a website which sells things like clothing for both men and women, accessories etc.
Along with selling things, the online store also comprises of sneak peaks of celebrities, new gossip buzzing in town, beauty tips and her personal magazine filled with her thoughts and ideas about celebrities, ratings, fashion trend, cover stories.
The prices start from Rs. 21,00 (33$) to Rs. 18,000 (290$)

According to me, the prices are reasonable and the collection is amazing. Pernia has done a great job since 3 years, styling most of the country in a beautiful way. Celebrities appreciate her style and magazines worship her fashion tips. Like I earlier said, she's one living legend.


Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The New Trend For Dresses.

The thing about dresses is that their trend hardly changes but when the trend actually changes, it changes with a bang. Everyone goes gaga over it. If one person has it, the other one has to have it. Believe it or not, that's how new trends proceed in India within girls. What I discovered after hunting 5-6 malls for perfect dresses is that there is no way you can continue wearing the dress you bought 2-3 years back.
As a matter of fact, I had this dress which was made of satin material and I couldn't wear it since satin is considered old fashion now. (not that I was a huge fan of that dress)
Stores like Forever 21 and Zara took my breath away because they are creating dresses which were only fantasized by every girl. Now it's like a dream come true. No kidding.

I have personally never liked leather. It never gave me the satisfaction. But at Zara all you can find is leather dresses. Even with basic jeggings, leather is the new thing. But as per my observations, Zara did an amazing job with leather. The dresses are appealing and you may want to try on a few dresses.

Net cloth has been used in dresses for a pretty long time but the thing which stores and designers did was using the net in the neck and sleeves area and in no time, net sleeves or net used in the neck area became too common. But now what is being done is that at the waist area, different designs are cut and net is put in that revealing a little skin. Trust me, India has gone all head over heels for it.

I never really thought that people would get so innovative that they would include different shapes in dresses (maths was the area for shapes :P)
Like I mentioned, different shape cuts are being made at the waist area and even in the back area revealing your skin in a decent way.
People do say India has a narrow thinking but the image is soon changing.

From the back till the end of your dress, zips are included in the back of the dresses. Mostly golden color is used in zips. On the top of black, golden color of zip shines and gives a unique look. The concept is somewhat like that of high waist jeans.

Print work has been in trend since some time but print work like owl print is starting to be worn. I believe people are liking the metallic work more. It does give an emo effect and some would stay away from that mode but change is good and I personally wouldn't mind buying a dress with metallic work. The color silver is totally in for metallic. With that a few spiky accessories would look just perfect.


Wednesday, 11 December 2013

How are Social Media Websites Helping My Blog?

I frankly believe that your blog is chained with social media websites. You know when I started blogging, different websites excited me and I felt that now even I am an important part of that specific website.


Websites like FacebookTwitterBloglovin etc. help bloggers get popularity for their blogs. When a few people start following or liking your page, they also spread a word about the page. In such a way, your blog gets more likes and followers. People also start to know about it and become an active reader.

PR Sources
If you're lucky enough, the social media websites will get you till PR agents who will further contact you to write for them. You see, this blogging world is no small and there are so many opportunities.
PR sources are really good in that matter.

As I had mentioned earlier in my Google Ranking for Bloggers post, the pages and your handles will get you in studios and blogger meets in no time.

Bloggers will always need connections. If there are no connections then your blog is leading to nowhere. Thus, social media websites are really beneficial for connections.

Going Worldwide:
Facebook and Twitter are available everywhere in this world. So obviously the users of these websites is uncountable. Through these websites, the blog's link and name spreads like fire. Helping blogs going worldwide.

For me Social Media websites are really helpful. They've taken my blog from nowhere to somewhere.


Monday, 2 December 2013

Fashion Haul

So this is my first fashion haul. See in this blogging world, no matter how many years you master in it there's always gonna be more things which you don't know. I have been customizing and writing in this blog since 2 years and I've never posted a haul post. So that's my point. You learn more and more in the blogging world.

My first pair of heels <3

Neckpiece: Junk shops 

Dress: H&M

Maxi dress: EDC
(Lemme tell you, I was in no favor of buying this)

Cardigan: F21

Earrings: ThriftThriftThrift
(Got a soft corner for thrift)


Friday, 29 November 2013

The Day We Finally Got To Wear Skirts

In India we have certain limitations on our school uniforms. It's rather sad that we can hardly do anything to our uniforms. Okay, so equality and no discrimination is a must (as the elders frame it) but at least the school community can add few colors to our uniforms.
Anyways leaving the complains aside, this blog post is about the uniforms we got for our sports day. Trust me dear readers, when the teachers handed us the skirts and shirts all we could say is "why couldn't this be our school uniform?"
Sports day '13 was marchpast and races. You get to walk like soldiers on a track which is of 400 metre and then you get to run your ass off to win a medal. Don't get me wrong, I loved the sports day. As a matter of fact I even won a gold medal. But the after effects are severe. One of them is tanning. I feel like coal. No kidding. Tanning really puts me off.
The skirts are pretty. Every color looks different and better than other in a way. And choosing the color white for shirts was just perfect. White goes with everything and it certainly went with the skirts.
The material was a bit rough but then you get to wear such pretty uniforms for 4 hours and what else would then matter?

And you can easily see my tanning. That sad moment when you can't even enjoy your victory properly.


Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Because I'm More of A Black Color Person.

This moment comes in every girl's life when she gets addicted to one specific color. As we all know, girls love the color black. Like the old saying "Black makes all girls look thinner"
So as I said, all girls love black and I'm no less. Black is the color which can never go wrong. No matter whichever occasion you're landing on, black is gonna make you look good and presentable. If you're a fashion lover you must have at least on LBD in your closet. Who said rest of the colors are not good? But black is the color.
For me black is the definition of fashion. Just think how the fashion world would have been without the color black. No more good picture days for fair girls. No more black theme picture clicking times. No more basic dresses with no accessories needed on top.
And again, this post isn't criticising rest of the colors but just appreciating the color black.
Because it's my favorite and I'm sure it's 99.9% of girl's favorite color.

Dress: Forever New.


Sunday, 24 November 2013

Google Ranking For Bloggers.

When I had got the invite for W For Women: Bloggers Meet, I was rather shocked that out of so many bloggers in Delhi, I was one of the few ones to be chosen for the meet. But when Aditi  made me familiar with the whole procedure of selecting the bloggers, I still felt unknown to the whole thing. After doing little research I discovered that Google does this magic of ranking bloggers. There are around 321,000,000 indexed blogs itself on Google and this is just a rough counting. But still only a few blogs are able to stand out and are noticeable while many just die off.

Every blogger would love readers for his/her blog. Who doesn't want their thoughts to be known?
Google ranking is the key factor to your ranking. Depending on your rank, PR agents contact you and through them you can get more exposure.
Google ranking is like a competition between all the bloggers.
In short it is the most hep way of getting known through Google ranking.

See the procedure is quite easy. All you have to do is give love to your blog. (No kidding, the more you make efforts on it, the higher you get on Google ranking)
Be active in the writing section. You need to post more often. Google doesn't even consider those blogs which have below 50 blog posts. Also, the content should be consistent and the quality should be good. You don't want to end up listening "This blog has crap written on it"
Google ranking also improves by your standard of writing.
Google wants original matter dear readers. Your blog is defining you so don't even think of copying other blogs just for the sake of getting known.
Don't Focus On Ads:
If people are approaching you to put up their company's ad, it is a great thing but ads don't affect your ranking. Ads are not even counted for the ranking scheme. Even the most popular blogs have little ads.
Other Social Websites:
For bloggers, blogging is a very tough job because you're not just handling your own blog but also other social websites just as a Facebook page, Twitter handle, Instagram and a lot more and you can't just leave these websites and expect them to work on their own. Google also keeps a check on your extra pages.

It's not necessary that your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) should be at a higher rank since many blogs hardly care about SEO. In fact I discovered SEO just 3 months back.

Table of Content for SEO

SEO Basics:
Create unique, accurate page titles
Make use of the "description" meta tag
Improving Site Structure
Improve the structure of your URLs
Make your site easier to navigate
Optimize your use of images
Use heading tags appropriately
Dealing with Crawlers
Make effective use of robots.txt
Be aware of rel="nofollow" for links
SEO for Mobile Phones
Notify Google of mobile sites
Guide mobile users accurately
Promotions and Analysis
Promote your website in the right ways
Make use of free webmaster tools

These are some other points which would help bloggers reach to a higher rank.


Saturday, 9 November 2013

How to Shop In Thrift Stores.

If you're buying from thrift then obviously you're looking forward to average second hand clothes in reasonable prices. Maybe in California or LA, you'll get exactly what you want but in India thirft shopping can be quite a problem.

Since it's thrift shopping, you're supposed to carry money with you and not just some amount of money but good amount of money. This is because the advantage of thrift shopping is that you will find loads of things to buy. So the money should be enough.
Thrift stores are relatively cheaper but some things wont seem that worth buying. In that time, go with bargaining. The person selling will negotiate but it might work out. Thus, bargaining is a must.
People like me who get distracted by clothes do this like all the time. I buy clothes just because they are my first love. Even though I wear everything I buy, some outfits still stay inside my closet forever. So prefer buying only those things which you will wear. Don't think "IT'S THRIFT. I CAN buy this and wear it someday"
Don't expect your outfit to be still new from the Gucci store. It's thrift after all. It is used many times before you even if the seller says that it is worn just once. Check the things twice before buying. Who would want to go home and see a torn side of the cloth for which you spent 20$
If you're going for thrift shopping then please spare at least 2-3 hours. Don't think that you're work will be done in half an hour. Be patient with each item. Don't regret later on if some piece of cloth is left behind because of rushing.


Sunday, 3 November 2013

Diwali '13

Firstly, I would love to tell my dear readers and other bloggers that my blog completed 20,000 pageviews today and I know that isn't SO good but it's reaching somewhere at least!
In India it is the festival time. For some this is the most awaited festival. Festival of Diwali. According to history, Diwali came into existence and brought love, happiness, colors and a lot of other things to look forward.
I don't really look forward to Diwali. Infact, I prefer Holi (water festival) over Diwali. But Diwali '13 was something amazing. This year I was shocked to see how many people were excited for Diwali and the number of girls all decked up in Indian wear. Don't get me wrong. We girls love to dress up for special occasions but seeing the number increase, was really a surprising thing.
Crackers are also burnt on this day and even though I don't like crackers, I have to burn them (peer pressure xD)
Here's a sneak peak of the day:

We were just having fun xD

That's all for today. 
Will write soon. Till then...


Friday, 25 October 2013

Gay People Are The Most Stylish Ones.

Yes, don't be shocked or don't think this is a sarcastic post because I'm certainly not mocking gay people here. According to me the gay people have a better fashion sense than women or men. I'm not saying they are any different but in a way they've got their own way to dress up. I'm sure you may have seen at least one gay person in your life. If you haven't then I feel sorry for you.
For me, they add magic to whatever they choose to wear which makes them outshine others. The gay community has made a complete profound impact in fashion. Even the best designers come under the gay people's place.

I'm a die hard fan of colors. Get me a neon tshirt with colorful scarves and I can make a new outfit out of it. Similarly the gay people have a power to make colors look really good on a guy's body. No kidding, they love colors. Whether it is orange, red or even pink! Ever seen a guy wear pink? He will practically die of embarrassment but with gay people, they have confidence on their clothes that whatever they are wearing looks perfectly fine.
Gay people also like prints. Floral is their sheer favorite. Hand them a shirt full of floral print and they can show you what dazzling means even with a floral shirt.

Have you ever seen gay people actually shop for brands? You won't be able to get your eyes off them. Mark my words dear readers, gay people adore brands. If you're in the middle of a conversation in which you're confused as to which is the signature bag of Louis Vuitton and if there is a gay person along, he'll be the first one to solve your query. From shoes to carry on scarves, every little dress on shouts "brand"
One observation I made about gay people was that they have the finest choice with regard to fashion. As I mentioned earlier, the fashion industry is what it is due to the gay people. Don't get me wrong, I love what women/men designers design but then again this is a post for the gay people.
#Selective ones prefer carrying hand bags along. They are not girlish but they show that gay people also have a right to carry the hand bags without any problem
#Some also wear boots and since wearing boots in summers in India is not considered "in" they stand out from the crowd.
#Those who wear specs buy a different Harry Potter frame like specs which make people like me say "wow" without even realizing.

*Because gay people are amazing*

Sunday, 20 October 2013

W For Women: Bloggers Meet.

On the 19th of October '13 W for Women hosted a bloggers meet in which they displayed the newly launched festive sparkle collection. Most of the women who buy clothes from W know that W is known for selling indian wear and gives a sophisticated look. But teenagers of my age anyday preferred Forever 21 over W. Yesterday the meet surely changed my opinion about the brand of W and gave altogether gave a really different outcome.
The Digital Media's Manager Aditi Ohri personally came to give each and every blogger, the invite for the event. This gesture was really nice as it was seen that she is really making an effort to make the meet a complete blast. She and I had a chit chat for quite long time where she made me familiar with the meet and the concept.
At the meet, W showed their new collection to the bloggers and even let us interact with the designers. The designer head told us about each and every outfit and told us that the designs are chosen from different eras and times.
The festive sparkle collection had a touch of sparkle as the name suggests in each outfit. The necks of kurtis and suits were slightly bigger which is quite good for young generation to put on.The use of embroidery was very fine and the sequins and glitter work gave quite a girlish look which is totally different from the usual W collection. Along with floral, the designers also chose to go with net sleeves, prints, patterns and unique designs like the print of kettle on the back.
The ideas were quite exclusive, unique and some of the outfits had a dazzle in them.
They also introduced trousers which are stretchable, compact and goes lovely with basic and bright colors.
W had a section for maternity wear which obviously I didn't check out but I'm sure it's pretty nice. The store had kept accessories too which were much better than claire's if you ask me because these days indian accessories are too in and teenagers are really hunting for such accessories. (I'm sure that they're gonna have a lot of sale there)
After reviewing the clothes, all the bloggers interacted with each other and even played Jenga. The meet was more of a bloggers get together where the whole staff was very friendly. There was perfectly no scope of a disaster.
We even got goodies at the end of the event.
Lastly, I would like to mention about the innovative idea of the invite's cover. It made me more excited for the meet!


Cover of the invite

While playing Jenga

Fellow bloggers

Aditi: Host of the evening

Festive wishes from the bloggers.


Sunday, 13 October 2013

Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week: Krishna Mehta

Delhi saw Asia's biggest business of fashion event in the past 5 days. The 22nd edition witnessed 160 designer's immense hard work in the 30 shows. The 5 day event brought forward national and international buyers for the designers.
I attended day 04 of the event. The fashion show was of Krishna Mehta a tremendous designer who is much known for her work in traditional weaves and textiles.
The show was dedicated to the Weavers of Varansi. The show unveiled the exclusive designs on cotton clothes. The use of chanderi was done along with frills, prints, floral designs, embroidery, block prints and a lot more.
Being diverse with the colors, Krishna Mehta introduced the use of trousers, drapes, tie and dye, all together in one outfit. As the collection was of spring- summer, the designer kept in mind to use bright and subtle colors which go perfect and look artistic as well.
Saree had the block prints which dwell easily in all festivals or functions.
The trousers comprised of block prints, tie & dye, printed silk, brocade and linen print.
What surprised me the most was the fact that the designer chose to use sharara with the organza jacket. As the people residing in India very well know that sharara came and went out of fashion in no time, but this new effort of the designer actually worked well.
The drapes which are usually not too long happened to be till legs in Krishna Mehta's fashion show which were looking good with the prints. Some of the outfits were even identical to the kaftan look which is quite "in" in Delhi these days.
Non of the outfits were sleeveless. Instead the sleeves were of half or 3/4th quarter.
The heels worn by each model had the floral print (mind my words: print) and the colors used for the heels were mostly dull and light colors going in contrast. All the heels were block heels and none of pencil ones. Shrugs and indian type blazers were put upon the saree in a few outfits, making the outfits more colorful.
Overall the event was a huge blast and it gave a new innovative look to woven outfits.


Dress: Forever New; Heels: Aldo; Neckpiece: Thrift.


Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Because Everyone Has a Reason To Pray

India is a country where people believe in god more than they believe in anything. You will see people more engaged in god than any other thing. People believe that by putting their faith in god, they will be able to achieve inner peace. You abandon your comfort for the search of wisdom, love, power and sometimes to see god. My reason of praying or rather calling god is because I believe god is that spirit which is nowhere to be seen but still everywhere around me. When I was small, my mom taught me that every night before sleeping spend at least 5 minutes with god. Talk to him, tell him about your day and think of him as a friend. At first I couldn't understand what to do as I couldn't see my new friend but as time passed, I started talking to god and his presence became real.
My reason to pray is that god is my closest friend and you always need your close friend with you.
He's there listening, solving my problems, getting me out of worst of situations and giving me hope and faith that everything is gonna get fine. I also believe that what you do, you do it for god and what god does, he do it for us.

I will also be using the lakshmi pooja pack for all the preparations which consists of  woods incense sticks, yagna incense sticks, a booklet (script in 6 languages) and audio CD which has the procedure, necessary shlokas and Shree Vinayak Ashtottarashta Naamaavali for performing the pooja.
This pack is useful as it will make work more handy for everyone and for today's generation to take actual interest in the festivities. 

P.S- This post is for a bloggers competition.
You can further go to:

What's your reason to pray?


Monday, 7 October 2013

Bridal Asia 2013

Delhi had one of the most happening events in the past 3 days. Bridal Asia 2013, presented the most exquisite, royal and mesmerizing bridal couture ever. The event was held at the Ashok hotel, New Delhi on 5th, 6th and 7th October. The 3 day event brought forward 40 participants from India and Pakistan which were personally chosen by Divya Gurwara, the CEO of Bridal Asia. As Bridal Asia completed it's 15 years, the event was pretty grand.
The event included famous Indian designers like Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Varun Bahl, Vikram Phadnis along with young new designers like Divya Khuller, Seema Khan, Ekaya and many more.
As a 15 year old, I'm usually not interested in Indian wear that much but this event had my eyes popping out. What I observed from most of the designer's collection was that red is fading away from the bridal couture and colors like neon pink, orange and golden is taking over. These colors sync easily in weddings these days. Loads of embroidery was done on the gowns, saris and suits along with net work. The patterns used on most of the gowns, lehengas and suits were from flower designs to patterns which gave a royal look. On some of the bridal wears such as saris, velvet cloth was used which made the embroidery look more versatile. The jewelry mostly comprised of lavish work of diamonds, white gold and gold along with big stones like sapphire, rubies, emerald, pearls and a lot more.
It was surprising and amusing to see different designer's creations being shared under one roof. The show gave a new vision of the upcoming bridal fashion.
The clothes dazzled me.
Designers like Sabyasachi Mukherjee and Varun Bahl showed an outstanding work on the saris which made more and more people get the urge to buy their bridal wears.
The event even displayed the efforts of other stores such as Home Alone Foods, Apollo Cosmetic Clinic, 19 sides by Neera Chopra and a lot more.
For further information you can check out: Bridal Asia

Divya Gurwara, CEO of Bridal Asia

What I wore: