Friday, 28 December 2012

This Year, I'm Going To...

Hardly any days are left for 2013 to come. The countdown has begun.
2012 holds a very dear memory in the back of my mind and heart both. As per the New Year: Old habits die hard, its time for resolutions :D

What are you planning to do as a blogger? What are your new year tricks? How are you gonna grow as a blogger in the coming year?

These are the questions, I'm gonna ask myself in the coming year.
Lets all agree, in the initial year every blogger focuses on more followers, blog getting popular and going worldwide.(thanks to IFB)At least that's what I had done.
But lets face it, once you've crossed the first year of blogging you actually grow as a blogger. Make some resolutions this year. Find a goal to fulfill by the end of the  year journey and don't forget to have fun in deciding the resolutions.
What are your New Year resolutions?



  1. I'm not really into doing resolutions for I'm not complying to it, but finishing my college this year is my first goal, and will strive hard for it!

    hope you're enjoying the last days of the year. :)


  2. I'm going to visit more galleries and stuffs to get inspiration. To post my sewing projects and to do more things related to fashion that I thought before I couldn't do before finising my studies.
    Maybe change hosting service and get a domain name!
    Happy new year and best wishes to you!

  3. I am gonna become a better photographer; or maybe better than the best. :')