Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Sometimes while watching a retro movie with mom, my eyes get stuck on the retro clothes and accessories and wonder, what fun it would be to dress up in retro like Audrey Hepburn and walk in polka dot dresses, flowery accessories, big puffed up hair. They kind of have their own world of retro clothes. A lot of make up and tied up hair adds the cherry onto it. The cat shaped sun-glasses makes them look sexy and hot. The big hats with net which covers the face. And the make up is speechless .Dark colored lipstick and dark eye make up goes hand in hand.



  1. I like this style too! When reading cat shaped I didn't thought about cat eyes but about sunglasses shaped like whole cat bodies, though :)
    Tulle veils are ridiculously easy to do, which is great, also bows with tulle are cute... Hmm, wait, sorry I'm tired so I talk a lot in the comments, but do you have any less known movie with retro clothes to advice? (answer if you will!)

    1. Hey Maxens check out Marilyn Monroe's movies. That lady is known for Retro