Sunday, 15 April 2012

Hello Summers

Hello dear readers and bloggers. Finally the summers have set in! It is my favorite season as we can wear jumpsuits, dresses, skirts etc. So here's my outfit post for summers.

A girl should have atleast one jumpsuit in her closet and a girl like me who simply loves jumpsuits definitely has many jumpsuits in the closet. Its like the perfect match for summers. If not shorts or skirts, a jumpsuit would go with everything and it is comfortable as well as fashionable. I prefer more of the ones with shorts and not the full length jumpsuits

Shorts are my ultimate favorite. Shorts are my daily wear item and it is on the top of my list in summers. Definitely comfortable and comes in hell lot of colors. Everyone adores shorts.

For now only this much.
Till then
XOXO Shweghna


  1. I really like jumpsuits but don't own any :(
    Eh yesterday I was wondering what skirt/short to wear, but I should have worn a jumpsuit.
    Thanks to you it's on my list of "stuffs to buy when I have money" :)
    Nice t-shirt (in first picture) and hat, by the way, you should totally pair them! (if you didn't already)

    1. Hey Maxens!
      Your welcome :) and thanks for giving me the idea of a new post "Stuff I have planned to buy when I have money"