Sunday, 1 January 2012

2012 Proven To Be Lucky For Me

Happy New Year to my dear readers. So 2012 is finally here. Everyone spent a lot of hours searching for the right dress to go perfect with New Years. If you ask me, I decided my clothes half an hour before the party. I know it might be shocking to hear this from a fashion blogger but I had done my shopping before and it was a small party at a nearby friend's house. But it was still a fun time there. I enjoyed quite a lot. So recently, I was checking out cupcakes and closet for the results of the giveaway. As you know this site has this really cool system of giving giveaways to only Indian bloggers. Yeah bit of a problem for the rest of the bloggers worldwide. The main aim of the giveaway was to tell C&C what all we love about the page. They had this cute little black dress as the giveaway.

Here's what I wrote:

5 months 28 days, 1189 followers and 209 people talking about a personal blog is not an easy thing. It is because Cupcakes and Closet IS the best. The clothes available here are beyond expectations and the prices are really cool! The best part of cupcake and closets is that the clothes are delivered at your door steps and you offer giveaways also! When I first saw your facebook page I fell in love with it and I check your page everyday because your new collections are simply fabulous. Usually only the american bloggers sell clothes online but this is the first and the most coolest blog for Indian bloggers. Your clothes are anyways awesome but when I checked out your cupcakes collection, WOW was the only word left for me to use! Gosh I wish I could get such pretty cupcakes in Delhi also. Being such an amazing blog your team is also good in keeping their customers happy! I love Cupcakes and Closet as it is an inspiration for every indian fashion blogger.

When the results came out, I was shocked since I won.
Out of 36 people I was the lucky one to get the honors of getting this dress. Look at the bright side! 2012 just started and it has proven to be so lucky for me. Well I'm just too excited right now. When this dress will arrive I promise to post an outfit post. Till then we can just wait for the clock to reach the perfect time. Oh! and I almost forgot, do feel free to tell me about your new year. I would love to read them.
Till then


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