Monday, 12 December 2011

Its The Starting

Who knew internet can give you the honor to design your own shoes and bags? But well it is true. Internet is a goddess helping you get the imagination out on a piece of shoes or bags. I am going to show you the samples of my work. If you like it then I can make more and add it to the collection. Its my first time so I would totally love it if you people gave me advice on what could be added or how is my work.

I am really excited to see your comments. So feel free to comment or suggest anything!



  1. The last bag is pretty but not really coherent with the rest of the "collection". Otherwise it's pretty, though not really original but I guess the website you use restrict you on that... I'd like to see more of your ideas!

  2. I really love your designs! I want to wear the second pair. So talented!