Tuesday, 20 December 2011

How to Get a Smoking Eye Make-Up

Whether it is an important party or just a get together, you have to look nice. Why not try this really cool eye make-up which I learned and even tried it at home! Here are some tips which can help you.

1.Step 1
First start with the basic. Put 2-3 drops or foundation on your eyes. Rub it so that it isn't visible.

2.Step 2
Next step is to put a very thin layer of eye liner. It shouldn't be too fat but just perfect so that your eye doesn't look too filled.

3.Step 3
Now your eyes has a covering. The third step is to put eye shadow and the eye liner should be covered from the eye shadow. It should not be visible at all. I chose black and dark blue for the eye shadow.

4.Clean the Errands
It is your first time so your eye liner or eye shadow can spread but you can clean the errands! Make your eye look perfect and it shouldn't be looking like your first eye make-up!



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  1. How pretty!!