Sunday, 25 December 2011

Dulce Candy: From War to Fashion

Dulce Tejada now known as Dulce Candy joined the army working as a mechanic in 2006. Her works in the army was rewarding ones but she didn't find her happiness and felt bored wearing the same uniform everyday to work not being able to display her love for fashion. Finally in 2008 she found out that the internet is a great source to express her passion for fashion. One evening when she came back from work she took off her uniform, turned the camera on and said nothing but make up, shopping, girl stuff. The consequences: she is now known as Dulce Candy teaching millions of girls her fashion secrets. Her inspiration is her mother. Dulce, using her passion for fashion has now become the spotlight of the social world of fashion.After coming back from Iraq in 2008, she married her longtime boyfriend Army Sergeant, Jesse Ruiz. The both welcomed their first boy child Izek, on January 27, 2011. She has launched her own line of fashion and wont stop till she opens a boutique in Los Angeles. Recently, Dulce was chosen as the “Official Blogger” for Fashion’s Night Out 2011 as well as being selected for the cover of The Stylist Handbook. Dulce Candy is an inspiration for me because she tells us about her fashion secrets and gives us make up tutorials. She even encourages new fashion bloggers who have just entered the world of fashion blogging.Once you check out Dulce's videos, you wont be able to wait till the next video comes. Her own line of clothes is just amazing and is available in affordable prices also! Do check it out to have the best experience of life. Her line of clothes are available on: And her personal blog is:


Thursday, 22 December 2011

Cupcakes and Closet

I have seen many blogs and pages which sell stuff but this was like heaven on earth. They have the hottest dresses available in exclusive prices but unfortunately the clothes are available for only the Indian bloggers. My favorites are

Do check out this page for the best experience of your life! They have got really cool dresses


Tuesday, 20 December 2011

How to Get a Smoking Eye Make-Up

Whether it is an important party or just a get together, you have to look nice. Why not try this really cool eye make-up which I learned and even tried it at home! Here are some tips which can help you.

1.Step 1
First start with the basic. Put 2-3 drops or foundation on your eyes. Rub it so that it isn't visible.

2.Step 2
Next step is to put a very thin layer of eye liner. It shouldn't be too fat but just perfect so that your eye doesn't look too filled.

3.Step 3
Now your eyes has a covering. The third step is to put eye shadow and the eye liner should be covered from the eye shadow. It should not be visible at all. I chose black and dark blue for the eye shadow.

4.Clean the Errands
It is your first time so your eye liner or eye shadow can spread but you can clean the errands! Make your eye look perfect and it shouldn't be looking like your first eye make-up!



Sunday, 18 December 2011

My Lucky 9's Of The Year

2011 has been very lucky for me as I made my blog this year and improved my fashion skills. I also got to know extra information on blogging. My lucky number is 9 and I chose my blog's best 9 posts.

10 Successful Shopping Tips

I chose this post because it got selected for the ifb's weekly project

D.I.Y Make Your Own Scarf!

This post was liked by many people and I'm a personal fan of it.

Its The Starting

This post is on my list because it has the shoes and bags which are designed by me.

Gemini: Double Trouble

This post reflects me. It talks about my sun sign Gemini.

Black Beauty...!!!

The shoes in this post are my favourite. As I am a basktballer, the shoes mean the world to me.

6. FRIDAY, 21 OCTOBER 2011
As Winters Are Gonna Come

This post has the best advice on what should be worn in winters. Also, I adore winters.

A Girl's Guide To Feeling Good

Some really good tips on what suits our body and what kind of clothes should we wear according to our shape.

Songs which Cool Downs A Blogger Like Me

The name matches with the work! All of the songs which are in this post cool me down and help me concentrate on my blog.

Thankful For A Big Sister

This post is the most special of all because I wrote it on my sister.

2011 was amazing for me! These were my this year's best 9 posts. Now I am ready for 2012. Bring it on.


Monday, 12 December 2011

Its The Starting

Who knew internet can give you the honor to design your own shoes and bags? But well it is true. Internet is a goddess helping you get the imagination out on a piece of shoes or bags. I am going to show you the samples of my work. If you like it then I can make more and add it to the collection. Its my first time so I would totally love it if you people gave me advice on what could be added or how is my work.

I am really excited to see your comments. So feel free to comment or suggest anything!


Sunday, 11 December 2011

Its Shopping Time!

Christmas and New Year is just round the corner! That means we should better buck up and start sopping. So the kind of clothes I have decided to find for my Christmas and New Year are here. Just give them a glance:

For Christmas Breakfast wit Family:

For Christmas Lunch With Family Friends And Siblings:

Night Party With Friends:

P.S- The shoes for the night party are designed by me.

These where the clothes I will wear for christmas. Hope you all like it! And feel free to comment.


Saturday, 3 December 2011

Songs which Cool Downs A Blogger Like Me

Songs are a very important part of my life. And here are my top ten favourite songs without which i'll probably die!

1.Empire State Of Mind: This song is on my list because it reminds me of my blog, my dear clothes and my dedication to fashion. It basically reflects all the New York Shoppers.

2.Just Dance: This song is on my list because it gives me a piece of advise to keep dancing till your feet are aching and just forget everything and follow the lyrics.

3.LMFAO- Party Rock Anthem: This song is seriously made for partying. It can take your heart beat off. The person who has never danced will also start moving on this song.

4.Rich Girl: The lyrics of this song tell people about the importance of being a rich girl and
totally smacking people off with your fashionable looks and clothes.

5.High School Musical- We're All in This Together: If you have a combined blog then this song would suit you the best. What can be more fun than working in unity and creating something breath taking?

6.I'm Sexy And I know It: If you love this song then you have a lot of confidence which is superb to handle a blog. And your sexy and you know it!

7.The Pussycat Dolls- Beep: According to me this song means you don't really care what others think of you and your on your own

8.Addicted: The song's name is just perfect for fashion bloggers because we are totally addicted with our blog and this songs only reminds you of the stuff your addicted to.

9.Paparazzi: "I'm your biggest fan, i'll follow you until you love me" Lady Gaga is a legend! This song defines all of us! the fashion bloggers. What we really are

10.Right Round: Well, this is what happens to us when we bloggers have to write a post but have got not even a single word about what to write. It spins our head right round!

I have chosen these songs because all of these somehow reminds me of my blog and the importance of writing in it. These were my songs. Which are yours?