Saturday, 19 November 2011

Thankful For A Big Sister

I dont celebrate thanksgiving because I live in India but this project is a nice way to get to know more about each other. I have a big sister who is six years elder to me but still the closest to my heart. She is an inspiration for me. She helps me with my homework, what I should wear to a party and helps me with all of my problems. She has sacrificed so much for me! She always has. Even though we fight endlessly, at the end of the day everything turns out normal. It is so much fun to see our favourite movies together. The people around us say that we have some very close bond which can never be broken. The kind of talks we have only we both can understand. Before completing the sentence we both understand what the other wants to say. She has always brought a smile to my face. She is my best friend and we discuss every bit together. I'm thankful to god for giving me such an adorable sister. I am thankful of my big sister and what about you?



  1. Oh wow! That's so cool, My sister and i have the same gap 6/7 years, except I'm the older one, and i totally understand! great post!

  2. this is so sweet <3 I love Thanksgiving although we don't celebrate it in my country