Sunday, 6 November 2011

Gemini: Double Trouble

When the stork delivers a Gemini baby girl to a house it can be way more difficult than the parents have ever imagined. Geminis can be at two places at one time as we are ruled by Mercury the Greek god. Geminis have an urge to seek, learn and explore new things. Teachers notice one thing in Geminis that they have no trouble learning to read which i totally agree. Geminis are always ready for a laugh and they don't take anything seriously.We have slim and flexible fingers which make us adept at magic tricks and playing musical instruments. Well that doesn't go with me. Geminis who argues with you that she can do her homework and listen to the radio at the same time is telling the truth. They are spontaneous and love having ten things in their mind at once. Well it is fine at first but then well Geminis are not supergirls. We may struggle to juggle everything. Gemini girls change their minds regularly about what they want to do. Our saving grace is that we're so charming that we can get away with almost everything. We are never satisfied with one pursuit at a time. We can be extremely late but we are out there always running into some new discovery on our way to anywhere. My stone is Tiger's eye. And the color is black and white together, sharp yellow. People look up to us and trust us. They also expect a leading role in the future.

With family and friends Geminis are Miss Popular and everyone wants to be your friend. Our circle just keeps increasing and increasing. With family geminis are really attached and can sometime be oversensitive with them.

We Gemini girls are destined to search for true love for a long time but we'll have lots of fun along the way. When we finally find the correct dream boy, we'll know not to let him go.

As our element is air we can be romantic, emotional and a great friend. We can be really uncomfortable meeting new people.

My horoscope is perfect for my personality. And I check it everyday. Sometimes it does not match but many times I end up in the same position.

Some famous Gemini personalities are:
Walt Whitman
Wallis Simpson
Ian Fleming
Bob Dylan
Bennett Cerf

That's all I can think of. Till then



  1. Well, according to this I shouldn't be a sagittarius!
    (I thought it was gonna be a fantasy short story in the beginning, too!)

  2. Really enjoyed your post! In typical Gemini fashion, your words marvel!

  3. what our zodiac says about us sometimes is true, hehe but i am Pisces, so well im reading Gemini now