Monday, 28 November 2011

10 Successful Shopping Tips

My 10 successful shopping tips are here. Hope they will help you!

1.Wear comfortable Clothes And Shoes
You have to HUNT for clothes so you have to wear comfortable clothes. You cant wear something too tight while shopping otherwise it will kill you! If your planning to wear heels then that can be a bad idea so prefer comfort flats which will help you to search without any problems.

2.Search Online First
Before taking the pains to enter a crowded store and fighting for a pair of jeans search online first. You may be surprised to find amazing stuff!

3.Carry As Much Money As Possible
When you enter a store you can find many kind of clothes for which you would probably die. So carry as much money as possible. You cant afford to leave the top for which you probably fought for 20 minutes!

4.Carry Food And Water
Buying clothes for occasions takes many hours and you cant go out to have a bite or buy a bottle of water. So carry some snacks which doesn't make your bag dirty. Water is very essential so you HAVE to carry a small bottle of water. It saves time as well.

5.Tie Your Hair
I know that it is the most important thing for a woman to look pretty but while struggling in the store DO tie your hair. You don't want to get all sweaty and look disastrous.

6.Maintain Your Price
If your carrying as much money as possible then that doesn't mean that you can buy the most expensive stuff. Buy stuff which is in your budget and that can help you in buying more stuff!

7.Stay Calm
If your all panicked and confused then you can never really get the stuff you are fighting to get. Always stay calm and never panick by seeing the amount of people present. You know you can do it!

8.Take Someone Along
What can be more good than taking a good friend along? Your friend can find clothes for herself also and can help you also! It will save time and energy both.

9.Take Your Time In Deciding
Many times situations occur which leave you all confused that what should I buy and what not? So the best thing would be to take your time in deciding what will look best and you will wear more often.

10.Take A Good Advise
Before buying the clothes, ask someone along that what do they think about the clothes your buying because many times it happens that the top is not too good but in your budget.

So these were my 10 tips. What are yours?



  1. wow nice tips, thank you so much

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    Herdiana Surachman

  2. Awesome advice!
    Something I like to do in order to stay on budget is to take the amount I can spend in cash only and leave my credit cards at home. That way I can't go over :)

  3. You have some good advice on here. One thing I always do is make a list of the sort of things I need or a trend I want to try. Then I just keep a look out for those items when I'm out shopping!

  4. great advice, thanks so much for sharing!

    XO Sahra

  5. Nice tips! I practiced all of these on Black Friday, but one bottle of water was NOT enough. I love #3 because many people say hey, wanna save money, carry as little $ as possible. But shopping is as shopping does so I agree with your philosophy - go all out!

  6. Great tips I followed and it so helpful. Thanks!

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