Thursday, 6 October 2011

How to Make Your Own Ribbon Belt (D.I.Y)

Ok people dis is quite easy as i have tried to make a ribbon belt... Just follow these instruction and voila! a ribbon belt is in front of you
THINGS NEEDED:• piece of ribbon, about one yard long
• pair of belt rings
• needle and thread (the same color as the ribbon)
• sewing pins
Take the ribbon and cut it to a length that fits around your waist. Then, lay out the ribbon. At one end, fold the end of the ribbon over about an inch. Secure this in place with a pin. With the needle and thread, sew small stitches around the edges where the ribbon is folded over. Remove the pin. This will secure one end of the belt so that the ribbon does not fray at the end. Now take the belt rings. At the other end of the ribbon, you are going to fold over the end, placing the belt rings inside the fold. Secure with pin. With thread and needle, sew this fold into place, using small stitches that will keep it secure. Remove pin. To use as belt, the ribbon should be placed around your waist. Bring the ribbon through both belt loops, fold it over, and then lead it back through only one loop. This will hold the belt in place, and can be tightened or loosened according to comfort.
Now you have a fab felt in front of you!


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