Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A Girl's Guide To Feeling Good

What you wear can definitely brighten your mood. I have a weakness of dresses and shoes. When i find just the perfect dress or a a pair of shoes i feel great!
We all know there are some girls out there who just have 'it'. They look great everyday, their clothes are never creased, they always look like their clothes are made to measure and they all claim it took them practically no time to get ready.
Want to know a secret? It probably didn't. More than half of looking fabulous every day is down to preparation, taking care of your clothes, picking the right shapes for you and knowing what your going to wear in advance.

If your legs are a little on the short side you should really avoid wearing cropped trousers as they will make your legs look shorter. On the plus side you can get away with really tiny mini skirts as they wont look so tiny on your petite frame.
If your broader on top with slim legs, go for bootcut trousers and jeans and A-line skirts as the flare will balance you out.
If your top half is tiny, you will want to try and streamline your bottom half with slim-fitting trousers and skirts in darker colours.

If your top half is bigger than your bottom half wear fitted tops with v-neck and 3/4 length sleeves which will make you look more balanced.
If your tiny on top, you can wear big chunky polo necks and heavier fabrics. Gilets and ponchos look great on you!
Fitted tops almost always look nicer than big baggy tops and T-shirts.


  1. I enjoyed reading this thanks for sharing :)

  2. Always useful to get reminded of these, even if you're more on the arty side.
    (btw, started following your blog with Bloglovin')