Friday, 21 October 2011

As Winters Are Gonna Come

Winters are not far away... If you ask me it's just on the edge. So a new season needs a variety of new clothes. Buy something that is fashionable yet warm. You don't to be freezing out there. With glam there should always be comfort....

A classic coat is a real investment buy, so choose carefully. You need to be able to get a lot of wear out of it, so pick a neutral colour like black or brown. If your a pattern fan then go with houndstooth check or tweed. If your mad about a certain colour then go for it but dont spend a lot of money on it. I am totally crazy about purple so i bought a classy purple coat. It usually goes with everything.

V-neck sweaters look fab on their own and super smart with a shirt underneath. Always buy round neck sweaters in colours that really suit you as they are much closer to your face than v- necks. Buy as many sweaters as you can because duh! it is winters and you have to wear 1 like everyday.

A zip-up, collarless jacket in a neutral colour looks great with all of your casual clothes. Vintage jackets are always 'in' so try those thrift shops rather than spending a hell lot of money for a new jacket. A word of warning: Don't wear the matching velour suit, especially with heels- that look is so over!

Remember even though it is winters, scarfs always look great with everything. You can practically wear a warm yet pretty muffler underneath your jacket. If your hitting a party then go for sparkly ones! Buy bright colours so that they are noticeable.

Buy lots of boots! It's time for boots baby! Prefer buying dark colours and usually leather material which cannot get dirty easily.

With a pair of stockings we can wear skirts even if winters. We don't have to say goodbye to them! yeah winters are rocking!

Jeans are always comfortable. Winters are no less comfortable for jeans. Buy mostly black jeans which go with every colour and texture.

I am dying for winters to come. there will be loads and loads of shopping and a lot of stuff to wear. Hope it will be fun for you too! Till then.